4.6.x menu.inc theme_menu_local_tasks()
4.7.x menu.inc theme_menu_local_tasks()
5.x menu.inc theme_menu_local_tasks()
6.x menu.inc theme_menu_local_tasks()
7.x menu.inc theme_menu_local_tasks(&$variables)

Returns the rendered local tasks. The default implementation renders them as tabs.

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chameleon_page in themes/chameleon/chameleon.theme
template_preprocess_page in includes/theme.inc
Process variables for page.tpl.php


includes/menu.inc, line 1459
API for the Drupal menu system.


function theme_menu_local_tasks() {
  $output = '';

  if ($primary = menu_primary_local_tasks()) {
    $output .= "<ul class=\"tabs primary\">\n" . $primary . "</ul>\n";
  if ($secondary = menu_secondary_local_tasks()) {
    $output .= "<ul class=\"tabs secondary\">\n" . $secondary . "</ul>\n";

  return $output;


shv_rk’s picture

it would be great if there was any links here to a page which explains the whole menu based or tabbed based system of the drupal and functions which are usefull for modifying it.

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There are only 454 lines in menu.inc in D6. so where is this implemented????

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Its on line 1458... It would have to be since this page is generated directly from that code.