block_admin_configure in modules/block/
Menu callback; displays the block configuration form.
block_admin_configure_submit in modules/block/
blogapi_metaweblog_get_category_list in modules/blogapi/blogapi.module
Blogging API callback. Returns a list of the taxonomy terms that can be associated with a blog node.
blogapi_mt_get_post_categories in modules/blogapi/blogapi.module
Blogging API callback. Returns a list of the taxonomy terms that are assigned to a particular node.
bootstrap_invoke_all in includes/
Call all init or exit hooks without including all modules.
check_markup in modules/filter/filter.module
Run all the enabled filters on a piece of text.
drupal_check_module in includes/
Check a module's requirements.
drupal_check_profile in includes/
Check a profile's requirements.
drupal_get_schema_unprocessed in includes/
Returns the unprocessed and unaltered version of a module's schema.
drupal_install_system in includes/
Callback to install the system module.
drupal_uninstall_module in includes/
Calls the uninstall function and updates the system table for a given module.
filter_admin_configure in modules/filter/
Build a form to change the settings for a format's filters.
filter_admin_format_form in modules/filter/
Generate a filter format form.
filter_admin_format_form_submit in modules/filter/
Process filter format form submissions.
filter_list_all in modules/filter/filter.module
Build a list of all filters.
help_page in modules/help/
Menu callback; prints a page listing general help for a module.
module_disable in includes/
Disable a given set of modules.
module_enable in includes/
Enable a given list of modules.
node_access in modules/node/node.module
Determine whether the current user may perform the given operation on the specified node.
node_filter_form in modules/node/
Return form for node administration filters.
path_admin_overview in modules/path/
Return a listing of all defined URL aliases. When filter key passed, perform a standard search on the given key, and return the list of matching URL aliases.
search_admin_settings in modules/search/
Menu callback; displays the search module settings page.
search_cron in modules/search/search.module
Implementation of hook_cron().
search_data in modules/search/search.module
Perform a standard search on the given keys, and return the formatted results.
search_invoke_preprocess in modules/search/search.module
Invokes hook_search_preprocess() in modules.
search_view in modules/search/
Menu callback; presents the search form and/or search results.
system_modules_submit in modules/system/
Submit callback; handles modules form submission.
system_themes_form_submit in modules/system/
Process system_themes_form form submissions.
update_check_requirements in ./update.php
Check update requirements and report any errors.
update_script_selection_form in ./update.php
watchdog in includes/
Log a system message.
_block_rehash in modules/block/block.module
Update the 'blocks' DB table with the blocks currently exported by modules.
_db_rewrite_sql in includes/
Helper function for db_rewrite_sql.
_drupal_install_module in includes/
Callback to install an individual profile module.
_element_info in includes/
Retrieve the default properties for the defined element type.
_search_menu in modules/search/search.module