forum_overview in modules/forum/
Returns an overview list of existing forums and containers
module_load_all_includes in includes/
Load an include file for each of the modules that have been enabled in the system table.
module_load_install in includes/
Load a module's installation hooks.
openid_association in modules/openid/openid.module
Attempt to create a shared secret with the OpenID Provider.
openid_association_request in modules/openid/openid.module
openid_authentication in modules/openid/openid.module
Authenticate a user or attempt registration.
openid_authentication_request in modules/openid/openid.module
openid_begin in modules/openid/openid.module
The initial step of OpenID authentication responsible for the following:
openid_complete in modules/openid/openid.module
Completes OpenID authentication by validating returned data from the OpenID Provider.
openid_discovery in modules/openid/openid.module
Perform discovery on a claimed ID to determine the OpenID provider endpoint.
openid_verify_assertion in modules/openid/openid.module
Attempt to verify the response received from the OpenID Provider.
update_get_available in modules/update/update.module
Internal helper to try to get the update information from the cache if possible, and to refresh the cache when necessary.
update_refresh in modules/update/update.module
Wrapper to load the include file and then refresh the release data.
update_requirements in modules/update/update.module
Implementation of hook_requirements().
update_status in modules/update/
Menu callback. Generate a page about the update status of projects.
_update_refresh in modules/update/
Fetch project info via XML from a central server.