4.7.x pager.inc pager_get_querystring()
5.x pager.inc pager_get_querystring()
6.x pager.inc pager_get_querystring()

Compose a query string to append to pager requests.

Return value

A query string that consists of all components of the current page request except for those pertaining to paging.

1 call to pager_get_querystring()
theme_pager_link in includes/pager.inc
Returns HTML for a link to a specific query result page.


includes/pager.inc, line 84
Functions to aid in presenting database results as a set of pages.


function pager_get_querystring() {
  static $string = NULL;
  if (!isset($string)) {
    $string = drupal_query_string_encode($_REQUEST, array_merge(array(
    ), array_keys($_COOKIE)));
  return $string;