aggregator_categorize_items in modules/aggregator/
Form builder; build the page list form.
aggregator_page_categories in modules/aggregator/
Menu callback; displays all the categories used by the aggregator.
aggregator_page_opml in modules/aggregator/
Menu callback; generates an OPML representation of all feeds.
aggregator_page_rss in modules/aggregator/
Menu callback; generate an RSS 0.92 feed of aggregator items or categories.
aggregator_page_source in modules/aggregator/
Menu callback; displays all the items captured from a particular feed.
aggregator_page_sources in modules/aggregator/
Menu callback; displays all the feeds used by the aggregator.
aggregator_view in modules/aggregator/
Displays the aggregator administration page.
blog_page_last in modules/blog/
Menu callback; displays a Drupal page containing recent blog entries of all users.
blog_page_user in modules/blog/
Menu callback; displays a Drupal page containing recent blog entries of a given user.
book_admin_overview in modules/book/
Returns an administrative overview of all books.
book_export_html in modules/book/
This function is called by book_export() to generate HTML for export.
book_node_export in modules/book/book.module
Generates printer-friendly HTML for a node.
book_render in modules/book/
Menu callback; prints a listing of all books.
chameleon_comment in themes/chameleon/chameleon.theme
chameleon_node in themes/chameleon/chameleon.theme
chameleon_page in themes/chameleon/chameleon.theme
color_form_alter in modules/color/color.module
Implementation of hook_form_alter().
comment_admin_overview in modules/comment/
Form builder; Builds the comment overview form for the admin.
comment_form_add_preview in modules/comment/comment.module
Form builder; Generate and validate a comment preview form.
comment_form_box in modules/comment/comment.module
Theme the comment form box.
comment_render in modules/comment/comment.module
Renders comment(s).
contact_admin_categories in modules/contact/
Categories/list tab.
contact_mail_user in modules/contact/
dblog_event in modules/dblog/
Menu callback; displays details about a log message.
dblog_overview in modules/dblog/
Menu callback; displays a listing of log messages.
dblog_top in modules/dblog/
Menu callback; generic function to display a page of the most frequent dblog events of a specified type.
drupal_access_denied in includes/
Generates a 403 error if the request is not allowed.
drupal_add_feed in includes/
Add a feed URL for the current page.
drupal_not_found in includes/
Generates a 404 error if the request can not be handled.
drupal_render in includes/
Renders HTML given a structured array tree.
drupal_site_offline in includes/
Generates a site off-line message.
filter_admin_format_form in modules/filter/
Generate a filter format form.
filter_form in modules/filter/filter.module
Generates a selector for choosing a format in a form.
filter_tips_long in modules/filter/
Menu callback; show a page with long filter tips.
forum-icon.tpl.php in modules/forum/forum-icon.tpl.php
forum-icon.tpl.php Display an appropriate icon for a forum post.
forums.tpl.php in modules/forum/forums.tpl.php
forums.tpl.php Default theme implementation to display a forum which may contain forum containers as well as forum topics.
forum_page in modules/forum/
Menu callback; prints a forum listing.
help_page in modules/help/
Menu callback; prints a page listing general help for a module.
hook_search_page in developer/hooks/core.php
Override the rendering of search results.
hook_view in developer/hooks/node.php
Display a node.
install_already_done_error in ./install.php
Show an error page when Drupal has already been installed.
install_change_settings in ./install.php
Configure and rewrite settings.php.
install_main in ./install.php
The Drupal installation happens in a series of steps. We begin by verifying that the current environment meets our minimum requirements. We then go on to verify that settings.php is properly configured. From there we connect to the configured database…
install_no_profile_error in ./install.php
Show an error page when there are no profiles available.
install_select_locale in ./install.php
Allow admin to select which locale to use for the current profile.
install_tasks in ./install.php
Tasks performed after the database is initialized.
locale_translate_overview_screen in includes/
Overview screen for translations.
menu_get_active_help in includes/
Returns the help associated with the active menu item.
menu_local_tasks in includes/
Collects the local tasks (tabs) for a given level.
menu_overview_page in modules/menu/
Menu callback which shows an overview page of all the custom menus and their descriptions.
menu_tree_output in includes/
Returns a rendered menu tree.
node_add_page in modules/node/
Page callback: Displays add content links for available content types.
node_admin_nodes in modules/node/
Form builder: Builds the node administration overview.
node_overview_types in modules/node/
Displays the content type admin overview page.
node_page_default in modules/node/node.module
Menu callback; Generate a listing of promoted nodes.
node_preview in modules/node/
Generate a node preview.
node_revision_overview in modules/node/
Generate an overview table of older revisions of a node.
node_title_list in modules/node/node.module
Gather a listing of links to nodes.
node_view in modules/node/node.module
Generate a display of the given node.
openid_form_alter in modules/openid/openid.module
Implementation of hook_form_alter : adds OpenID login to the login forms.
openid_user_identities in modules/openid/
Menu callback; Manage OpenID identities for the specified user.
page.tpl.php in modules/system/page.tpl.php
Displays a single Drupal page.
page.tpl.php in themes/bluemarine/page.tpl.php
page.tpl.php in themes/garland/page.tpl.php
page.tpl.php in themes/pushbutton/page.tpl.php
path_admin_overview in modules/path/
Return a listing of all defined URL aliases. When filter key passed, perform a standard search on the given key, and return the list of matching URL aliases.
phptemplate_comment_submitted in themes/garland/template.php
Returns the themed submitted-by string for the comment.
phptemplate_node_submitted in themes/garland/template.php
Returns the themed submitted-by string for the node.
poll_choice_js in modules/poll/poll.module
Menu callback for AHAH additions.
poll_page in modules/poll/
Menu callback to provide a simple list of all polls available.
poll_view_results in modules/poll/poll.module
Generates a graphical representation of the results of a poll.
poll_votes in modules/poll/
Callback for the 'votes' tab for polls you can see other votes on
profile_browse in modules/profile/
Menu callback; display a list of user information.
search_view in modules/search/
Menu callback; presents the search form and/or search results.
statistics_access_log in modules/statistics/
Menu callback; Displays recent page accesses.
statistics_node_tracker in modules/statistics/
@file User page callbacks for the statistics module.
statistics_recent_hits in modules/statistics/
Menu callback; presents the "recent hits" page.
statistics_top_pages in modules/statistics/
Menu callback; presents the "top pages" page.
statistics_top_referrers in modules/statistics/
Menu callback; presents the "referrer" page.
statistics_top_visitors in modules/statistics/
Menu callback; presents the "top visitors" page.
statistics_user_tracker in modules/statistics/
syslog_watchdog in modules/syslog/syslog.module
system_actions_manage in modules/system/system.module
Menu callback. Display an overview of available and configured actions.
system_admin_by_module in modules/system/
Menu callback; prints a listing of admin tasks for each installed module.
system_admin_menu_block_page in modules/system/
Provide a single block from the administration menu as a page.
system_logging_overview in modules/system/
Menu callback; Menu page for the various logging options.
system_main_admin_page in modules/system/
Menu callback; Provide the administration overview page.
system_modules_confirm_form in modules/system/
Display confirmation form for dependencies.
system_modules_uninstall_confirm_form in modules/system/
Confirm uninstall of selected modules.
system_settings_overview in modules/system/
Menu callback: Displays the configuration overview page.
system_status in modules/system/
Menu callback: displays the site status report. Can also be used as a pure check.
system_themes_form in modules/system/
Menu callback; displays a listing of all themes.
system_theme_select_form in modules/system/system.module
Returns a fieldset containing the theme select form.
tablesort_header in includes/
Format a column header.
taxonomy_render_nodes in modules/taxonomy/taxonomy.module
Accepts the result of a pager_query() call, such as that performed by taxonomy_select_nodes(), and formats each node along with a pager.
template_preprocess_aggregator_feed_source in modules/aggregator/
Process variables for aggregator-feed-source.tpl.php.
template_preprocess_aggregator_summary_items in modules/aggregator/
Process variables for aggregator-summary-items.tpl.php.
template_preprocess_aggregator_wrapper in modules/aggregator/
Process variables for aggregator-wrapper.tpl.php.
template_preprocess_comment in modules/comment/comment.module
Process variables for comment.tpl.php.
template_preprocess_comment_folded in modules/comment/comment.module
Process variables for comment-folded.tpl.php.
template_preprocess_forums in modules/forum/forum.module
Process variables for forums.tpl.php
template_preprocess_forum_list in modules/forum/forum.module
Process variables to format a forum listing.
template_preprocess_forum_submitted in modules/forum/forum.module
Process variables to format submission info for display in the forum list and topic list.
template_preprocess_forum_topic_list in modules/forum/forum.module
Preprocess variables to format the topic listing.
template_preprocess_maintenance_page in includes/
The variables generated here is a mirror of template_preprocess_page(). This preprocessor will run it's course when theme_maintenance_page() is invoked. It is also used in theme_install_page() and theme_update_page() to keep all the variables…
template_preprocess_node in includes/
Process variables for node.tpl.php
template_preprocess_page in includes/
Process variables for page.tpl.php
template_preprocess_poll_results in modules/poll/poll.module
Preprocess the poll_results theme hook.
template_preprocess_profile_block in modules/profile/profile.module
Process variables for profile-block.tpl.php.
template_preprocess_profile_listing in modules/profile/profile.module
Process variables for profile-listing.tpl.php.
template_preprocess_search_results in modules/search/
Process variables for search-results.tpl.php.
template_preprocess_user_picture in modules/user/user.module
Process variables for user-picture.tpl.php.
theme_aggregator_categorize_items in modules/aggregator/
Theme the page list form for assigning categories.
theme_blocks in includes/
Return a set of blocks available for the current user.
theme_book_admin_table in modules/book/
Theme function for the book administration page form.
theme_checkbox in includes/
Format a checkbox.
theme_checkboxes in includes/
Format a set of checkboxes.
theme_comment_admin_overview in modules/comment/
Theme the comment admin form.
theme_comment_block in modules/comment/comment.module
Returns a formatted list of recent comments to be displayed in the comment block.
theme_comment_controls in modules/comment/comment.module
Theme comment controls box where the user can change the default display mode and display order of comments.
theme_comment_flat_collapsed in modules/comment/comment.module
Theme comment flat collapsed view.
theme_comment_flat_expanded in modules/comment/comment.module
Theme comment flat expanded view.
theme_comment_submitted in modules/comment/comment.module
Theme a "Submitted by ..." notice.
theme_comment_thread_collapsed in modules/comment/comment.module
Theme comment thread collapsed view.
theme_comment_thread_expanded in modules/comment/comment.module
Theme comment thread expanded view.
theme_comment_view in modules/comment/comment.module
Themes a single comment and related items.
theme_date in includes/
Format a date selection element.
theme_file in includes/
Format a file upload field.
theme_filter_admin_order in modules/filter/
Theme filter order configuration form.
theme_filter_admin_overview in modules/filter/
Theme the admin overview form.
theme_install_page in includes/
Generate a themed installation page.
theme_item in includes/
Format a form item.
theme_locale_languages_overview_form in includes/
Theme the language overview form.
theme_menu_overview_form in modules/menu/
Theme the menu overview form into a table.
theme_node_admin_nodes in modules/node/
Theme node administration overview.
theme_node_list in modules/node/node.module
Format a listing of links to nodes.
theme_node_search_admin in modules/node/node.module
Theme the content ranking part of the search settings admin page.
theme_node_submitted in modules/node/node.module
Format the "Submitted by username on date/time" for each node
theme_pager in includes/
Returns HTML for a query pager.
theme_pager_first in includes/
Returns HTML for a "first page" link.
theme_pager_last in includes/
Returns HTML for a "last page" link.
theme_pager_next in includes/
Returns HTML for a "next page" link.
theme_pager_previous in includes/
Returns HTML for a "previous page" link.
theme_password in includes/
Format a password field.
theme_password_confirm in includes/
Format a password_confirm item.
theme_poll_choices in modules/poll/poll.module
Theme the admin poll form for choices.
theme_profile_admin_overview in modules/profile/
Theme the profile field overview into a drag and drop enabled table.
theme_radio in includes/
Format a radio button.
theme_radios in includes/
Format a set of radio buttons.
theme_select in includes/
Format a dropdown menu or scrolling selection box.
theme_submit in includes/
Theme a form submit button.
theme_system_admin_by_module in modules/system/
Theme output of the dashboard page.
theme_system_modules in modules/system/
Theme callback for the modules form.
theme_system_modules_uninstall in modules/system/
Themes a table of currently disabled modules.
theme_system_powered_by in modules/system/system.module
Format the Powered by Drupal text.
theme_system_themes_form in modules/system/
Theme function for the system themes form.
theme_system_theme_select_form in modules/system/
Theme the theme select form.
theme_tablesort_indicator in includes/
Return a themed sort icon.
theme_taxonomy_overview_terms in modules/taxonomy/
Theme the terms overview as a sortable list of terms.
theme_taxonomy_overview_vocabularies in modules/taxonomy/
Theme the vocabulary overview as a sortable list of vocabularies.
theme_taxonomy_term_select in modules/taxonomy/taxonomy.module
Format the selection field for choosing terms (by deafult the default selection field is used).
theme_textarea in includes/
Format a textarea.
theme_textfield in includes/
Format a textfield.
theme_token in includes/
Format a form token.
theme_trigger_display in modules/trigger/
Display actions assigned to this hook-op combination in a table.
theme_update_page in includes/
Generate a themed update page.
theme_update_report in modules/update/
Theme project status report.
theme_update_version in modules/update/
Theme the version display of a project.
theme_upload_attachments in modules/upload/upload.module
Displays file attachments in table
theme_upload_form_current in modules/upload/upload.module
Theme the attachments list.
theme_user_admin_account in modules/user/
Theme user administration overview.
theme_user_admin_new_role in modules/user/
Theme the new-role form.
theme_user_admin_perm in modules/user/
Theme the administer permissions page.
theme_user_list in modules/user/user.module
Make a list of users.
tracker_page in modules/tracker/
Menu callback. Prints a listing of active nodes on the site.
translation_node_overview in modules/translation/
Overview page for a node's translations.
update_results_page in ./update.php
update_status in modules/update/
Menu callback. Generate a page about the update status of projects.
update_task_list in ./update.php
Add the update task list to the current page.
upload_js in modules/upload/upload.module
Menu-callback for JavaScript-based uploads.
user_admin_access in modules/user/
Menu callback: list all access rules
user_admin_account in modules/user/
Form builder; User administration page.
user_edit_form in modules/user/user.module
user_login_block in modules/user/user.module
user_user in modules/user/user.module
Implementation of hook_user().
user_view in modules/user/
Menu callback; Displays a user or user profile page.
_batch_progress_page_nojs in includes/
Batch processing page without JavaScript support.
_db_error_page in includes/
Helper function to show fatal database errors.
_locale_translate_seek in includes/
Perform a string search and display results in a table
_system_sql in modules/system/
Theme a SQL result table.