block_schema in modules/block/block.install
Implementation of hook_schema().
color_get_info in modules/color/color.module
Retrieve the color.module info for a particular theme.
color_scheme_form_submit in modules/color/color.module
Submit handler for color change form.
drupal_eval in includes/
Evaluate a string of PHP code.
list_themes in includes/
Provides a list of currently available themes.
system_install in modules/system/system.install
Implementation of hook_install().
system_theme_data in modules/system/system.module
Collect data about all currently available themes.
system_update_6043 in modules/system/system.install
Update table indices to make them more rational and useful.
theme_color_scheme_form in modules/color/color.module
Theme color form.
update_get_projects in modules/update/
Fetch an array of installed and enabled projects.
_init_theme in includes/
Initialize the theme system given already loaded information. This function is useful to initialize a theme when no database is present.
_theme_build_registry in includes/
Rebuild the hook theme_registry cache.