4.7.x theme.inc theme_feed_icon($url)
5.x theme.inc theme_feed_icon($url)
6.x theme.inc theme_feed_icon($url, $title)
7.x theme.inc theme_feed_icon($variables)

Returns HTML for a feed icon.


$variables: An associative array containing:

  • url: An internal system path or a fully qualified external URL of the feed.
  • title: A descriptive title of the feed.

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includes/theme.inc, line 2252
The theme system, which controls the output of Drupal.


function theme_feed_icon($variables) {
  $text = t('Subscribe to !feed-title', array('!feed-title' => $variables['title']));
  if ($image = theme('image', array('path' => 'misc/feed.png', 'width' => 16, 'height' => 16, 'alt' => $text))) {
    return l($image, $variables['url'], array('html' => TRUE, 'attributes' => array('class' => array('feed-icon'), 'title' => $text)));