6.x theme.maintenance.inc _theme_load_offline_registry($theme, $base_theme = NULL, $theme_engine = NULL)
7.x theme.maintenance.inc _theme_load_offline_registry($theme, $base_theme = NULL, $theme_engine = NULL)

This builds the registry when the site needs to bypass any database calls.

1 string reference to '_theme_load_offline_registry'
_drupal_maintenance_theme in includes/theme.maintenance.inc
Sets up the theming system for site installs, updates and when the site is in off-line mode. It also applies when the database is unavailable.


includes/theme.maintenance.inc, line 76
Theming for maintenance pages.


function _theme_load_offline_registry($theme, $base_theme = NULL, $theme_engine = NULL) {
  $registry = _theme_build_registry($theme, $base_theme, $theme_engine);