function image_style_save

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7 image.module image_style_save($style)

Saves an image style.


array $style: An image style array containing:

  • name: A unique name for the style.
  • isid: (optional) An image style ID.

Return value

array An image style array containing:

  • name: An unique name for the style.
  • old_name: The original name for the style.
  • isid: An image style ID.
  • is_new: TRUE if this is a new style, and FALSE if it is an existing style.
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modules/image/image.module, line 685
Exposes global functionality for creating image styles.


function image_style_save($style) {
  if (isset($style['isid']) && is_numeric($style['isid'])) {
    // Load the existing style to make sure we account for renamed styles.
    $old_style = image_style_load(NULL, $style['isid']);
    drupal_write_record('image_styles', $style, 'isid');
    if ($old_style['name'] != $style['name']) {
      $style['old_name'] = $old_style['name'];
  else {
    // Add a default label when not given.
    if (empty($style['label'])) {
      $style['label'] = $style['name'];
    drupal_write_record('image_styles', $style);
    $style['is_new'] = TRUE;

  // Let other modules update as necessary on save.
  module_invoke_all('image_style_save', $style);

  // Clear all caches and flush.

  return $style;


An example from

= image_style_save(array('name' => 'avatar'));
$effect = array(
'name' => 'image_scale',
'data' => array(
'width' => 64,
'height' => 64,
'upscale' => TRUE,
'isid' => $style['isid'],