6.x blog.module blog_page_user_access($account)
7.x blog.module blog_page_user_access($account)

Access callback for user blog pages.

1 string reference to 'blog_page_user_access'
blog_menu in modules/blog/blog.module
Implementation of hook_menu().


modules/blog/blog.module, line 175
Enables keeping an easily and regularly updated web page or a blog.


function blog_page_user_access($account) {

  // The visitor must be able to access the site's content.
  // For a blog to 'exist' the user must either be able to
  // create new blog entries, or it must have existing posts.
  return $account->uid && user_access('access content') && (user_access('create blog entries', $account) || _blog_post_exists($account));