7.x file.field.inc file_field_widget_upload_validators($field, $instance)

Retrieves the upload validators for a file field.


$field: A field array.

Return value

An array suitable for passing to file_save_upload() or the file field element's '#upload_validators' property.

1 call to file_field_widget_upload_validators()


modules/file/file.field.inc, line 549
Field module functionality for the File module.


function file_field_widget_upload_validators($field, $instance) {

  // Cap the upload size according to the PHP limit.
  $max_filesize = parse_size(file_upload_max_size());
  if (!empty($instance['settings']['max_filesize']) && parse_size($instance['settings']['max_filesize']) < $max_filesize) {
    $max_filesize = parse_size($instance['settings']['max_filesize']);
  $validators = array();

  // There is always a file size limit due to the PHP server limit.
  $validators['file_validate_size'] = array(

  // Add the extension check if necessary.
  if (!empty($instance['settings']['file_extensions'])) {
    $validators['file_validate_extensions'] = array(
  return $validators;