7.x openid_test.module openid_test_yadis_http_equiv()

Menu callback; regular HTML page with <meta> element.

1 string reference to 'openid_test_yadis_http_equiv'
openid_test_menu in modules/openid/tests/openid_test.module
Implements hook_menu().


modules/openid/tests/openid_test.module, line 185
Dummy OpenID Provider used with SimpleTest.


function openid_test_yadis_http_equiv() {
  $element = array(
    '#tag' => 'meta',
    '#attributes' => array(
      'http-equiv' => 'X-XRDS-Location',
      'content' => url('openid-test/yadis/xrds', array(
        'absolute' => TRUE,
  drupal_add_html_head($element, 'openid_test_yadis_http_equiv');
  return t('This page includes a &lt;meta equiv=...&gt; element containing the URL of an XRDS document.');