7.x rdf.module rdf_mapping_save($mapping)

Saves an RDF mapping to the database.

Takes a mapping structure returned by hook_rdf_mapping() implementations and creates or updates a record mapping for each encountered entity type/bundle pair. If available, adds default values for non-existent mapping keys.


$mapping: The RDF mapping to save, as an array.

Return value

Status flag indicating the outcome of the operation.

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modules/rdf/rdf.module, line 241
Enables semantically enriched output for Drupal sites in the form of RDFa.


function rdf_mapping_save($mapping) {

  // In the case where a field has a mapping defined in the default entity
  // mapping, but a mapping is not specified in the bundle-specific mapping,
  // then use the default mapping for that field.
  $mapping['mapping'] += _rdf_get_default_mapping($mapping['type']);
  $status = db_merge('rdf_mapping')
    'type' => $mapping['type'],
    'bundle' => $mapping['bundle'],
    'mapping' => serialize($mapping['mapping']),
  return $status;