Helper module for entity cache tests.


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 * @file
 * Helper module for entity cache tests.

 * Implements hook_watchdog().
 * This hook is called during module_enable() and since this hook
 * implementation is invoked, we have to expect that this module and dependent
 * modules have been properly installed already. So we expect to be able to
 * retrieve the entity information that has been registered by the required
 * dependency module.
 * @see EnableDisableTestCase::testEntityCache()
 * @see entity_cache_test_dependency_entity_info()
function entity_cache_test_watchdog($log_entry) {
  if ($log_entry['type'] == 'system' && $log_entry['message'] == '%module module installed.') {
    $info = entity_get_info('entity_cache_test');

    // Store the information in a system variable to analyze it later in the
    // test case.
    variable_set('entity_cache_test', $info);


Namesort descending Description
entity_cache_test_watchdog Implements hook_watchdog().