5.x system.module theme_admin_block($block)
6.x system.admin.inc theme_admin_block($block)
7.x system.admin.inc theme_admin_block($variables)

Returns HTML for an administrative block for display.


$variables: An associative array containing:

  • block: An array containing information about the block:

    • show: A Boolean whether to output the block. Defaults to FALSE.
    • title: The block's title.
    • content: (optional) Formatted content for the block.
    • description: (optional) Description of the block. Only output if 'content' is not set.

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modules/system/system.admin.inc, line 2413
Admin page callbacks for the system module.


function theme_admin_block($variables) {
  $block = $variables['block'];
  $output = '';

  // Don't display the block if it has no content to display.
  if (empty($block['show'])) {
    return $output;
  $output .= '<div class="admin-panel">';
  if (!empty($block['title'])) {
    $output .= '<h3>' . $block['title'] . '</h3>';
  if (!empty($block['content'])) {
    $output .= '<div class="body">' . $block['content'] . '</div>';
  else {
    $output .= '<div class="description">' . $block['description'] . '</div>';
  $output .= '</div>';
  return $output;