function system_date_format_save

Saves a date format to the database.


$date_format: A date format array containing the following keys:

  • type: The name of the date type this format is associated with.
  • format: The PHP date format string.
  • locked: A boolean indicating whether or not this format should be configurable from the user interface.

$dfid: If set, replace the existing date format having this ID with the information specified in $date_format.

See also


3 calls to system_date_format_save()
DateTimeFunctionalTest::testDateFormatStorage in modules/system/system.test
Test if the date formats are stored properly.
system_add_date_formats_form_submit in modules/system/
Process new date format string submission.
system_date_formats_rebuild in modules/system/system.module
Resets the database cache of date formats and saves all new date formats.


modules/system/system.module, line 3955


function system_date_format_save($date_format, $dfid = 0) {
    $info = array();
    $info['dfid'] = $dfid;
    $info['type'] = $date_format['type'];
    $info['format'] = $date_format['format'];
    $info['locked'] = $date_format['locked'];
    // Update date_format table.
    if (!empty($date_format['is_new'])) {
        drupal_write_record('date_formats', $info);
    else {
        $keys = $dfid ? array(
        ) : array(
        drupal_write_record('date_formats', $info, $keys);
    // Retrieve an array of language objects for enabled languages.
    $languages = language_list('enabled');
    // This list is keyed off the value of $language->enabled; we want the ones
    // that are enabled (value of 1).
    $languages = $languages[1];
    $locale_format = array();
    $locale_format['type'] = $date_format['type'];
    $locale_format['format'] = $date_format['format'];
    // Check if the suggested language codes are configured and enabled.
    if (!empty($date_format['locales'])) {
        foreach ($date_format['locales'] as $langcode) {
            // Only proceed if language is enabled.
            if (isset($languages[$langcode])) {
                $is_existing = (bool) db_query_range('SELECT 1 FROM {date_format_locale} WHERE type = :type AND language = :language', 0, 1, array(
                    ':type' => $date_format['type'],
                    ':language' => $langcode,
                if (!$is_existing) {
                    $locale_format['language'] = $langcode;
                    drupal_write_record('date_format_locale', $locale_format);

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