function system_send_email_action

Sends an e-mail message.


object $entity: An optional node object, which will be added as $context['node'] if provided.

array $context: Array with the following elements:

  • 'recipient': E-mail message recipient. This will be passed through token_replace().
  • 'subject': The subject of the message. This will be passed through token_replace().
  • 'message': The message to send. This will be passed through token_replace().
  • Other elements will be used as the data for token replacement.

Related topics

1 string reference to 'system_send_email_action'
TriggerActionTestCase::assignSystemEmailAction in modules/trigger/trigger.test
Assigns a system_send_email_action to the passed-in trigger.


modules/system/system.module, line 3275


function system_send_email_action($entity, $context) {
    if (empty($context['node'])) {
        $context['node'] = $entity;
    $recipient = token_replace($context['recipient'], $context);
    // If the recipient is a registered user with a language preference, use
    // the recipient's preferred language. Otherwise, use the system default
    // language.
    $recipient_account = user_load_by_mail($recipient);
    if ($recipient_account) {
        $language = user_preferred_language($recipient_account);
    else {
        $language = language_default();
    $params = array(
        'context' => $context,
    if (drupal_mail('system', 'action_send_email', $recipient, $language, $params)) {
        watchdog('action', 'Sent email to %recipient', array(
            '%recipient' => $recipient,
    else {
        watchdog('error', 'Unable to send email to %recipient', array(
            '%recipient' => $recipient,

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