4.6.x throttle.module throttle_status()
4.7.x throttle.module throttle_status()
5.x throttle.module throttle_status()
6.x throttle.module throttle_status()

Determine the current load on the site.

Call the throttle_status() function from your own modules, themes, blocks, etc. as follows:

$throttle = module_invoke('throttle', 'status');

to determine the current throttle status. Use module_invoke() so the call will still work if the throttle module is disabled. For example, in your theme you might choose to disable pictures when your site is too busy (reducing bandwidth), or in your modules you might choose to disable some complicated logic when your site is too busy (reducing CPU utilization).

Return value

0 or 1. 0 means that the throttle is currently disabled. 1 means that the throttle is currently enabled. When the throttle is enabled, CPU and bandwidth intensive functionality should be disabled.

2 calls to throttle_status()
hook_init in developer/hooks/core.php
Perform setup tasks.
throttle_exit in modules/throttle/throttle.module
Implementation of hook_exit().


modules/throttle/throttle.module, line 45
Allows configuration of congestion control auto-throttle mechanism.


function throttle_status() {
  return variable_get('throttle_level', 0);