7.x trigger.module _trigger_comment($a1, $hook)

Calls action functions for comment triggers.


$a1: Comment object or array of form values.

$hook: Hook to trigger.

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modules/trigger/trigger.module, line 416
Enables functions to be stored and executed at a later time.


function _trigger_comment($a1, $hook) {

  // Keep objects for reuse so that changes actions make to objects can persist.
  static $objects;
  $aids = trigger_get_assigned_actions($hook);
  $context = array(
    'group' => 'comment',
    'hook' => $hook,

  // We need to get the expected object if the action's type is not 'comment'.
  // We keep the object in $objects so we can reuse it if we have multiple
  // actions that make changes to an object.
  foreach ($aids as $aid => $info) {
    $type = $info['type'];
    if ($type != 'comment') {
      if (!isset($objects[$type])) {
        $objects[$type] = _trigger_normalize_comment_context($type, $a1);

      // Since we know about the comment, we pass it along to the action
      // in case it wants to peek at it.
      $context['comment'] = (object) $a1;
      actions_do($aid, $objects[$type], $context);
    else {
      actions_do($aid, $a1, $context);