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Defines the interface of decoders.

@author Jordi Boggiano <j.boggiano@seld.be>


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JsonEncoder.php in core/modules/serialization/src/Encoder/JsonEncoder.php
Serializer.php in vendor/symfony/serializer/Serializer.php
XmlEncoder.php in core/modules/serialization/src/Encoder/XmlEncoder.php


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interface DecoderInterface
   * Decodes a string into PHP data.
   * @param string $data    Data to decode
   * @param string $format  Format name
   * @param array  $context options that decoders have access to
   * The format parameter specifies which format the data is in; valid values
   * depend on the specific implementation. Authors implementing this interface
   * are encouraged to document which formats they support in a non-inherited
   * phpdoc comment.
   * @return mixed
   * @throws UnexpectedValueException
  public function decode($data, $format, array $context = array());

   * Checks whether the deserializer can decode from given format.
   * @param string $format format name
   * @return bool
  public function supportsDecoding($format);


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Namesort descending Modifiers Type Description
DecoderInterface::decode public function Decodes a string into PHP data.
DecoderInterface::supportsDecoding public function Checks whether the deserializer can decode from given format.