Provide replacement values for placeholder tokens.

Provide replacement values for placeholder tokens.

This hook is invoked when someone calls token_replace(). That function first scans the text for [type:token] patterns, and splits the needed tokens into groups by type. Then hook_tokens() is invoked on each token-type group, allowing your module to respond by providing replacement text for any of the tokens in the group that your module knows how to process.

A module implementing this hook should also implement hook_token_info() in order to list its available tokens on editing screens.


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Easy example, how to create a new node token
(found here: http://web-tricks.org/content/drupal-7-how-create-custom-node-token):

function MYMODULE_token_info() {
  $info['tokens']['node']['title_first_letter'] = array(
    'name' => t('Title first letter'),
    'description' => t('Generates first letter of node title')
  return $info;

function slideaway_currency_tokens($type, $tokens, array $data = array(), array $options = array()) {
  $replacements = array();
  if ($type == 'node' && !empty($data['node'])) {
    $node = $data['node'];
    foreach ($tokens as $name => $original) {
      switch ($name) {
        case 'title_first_letter':
          $replacements[$original] = substr($node->title, 0, 1); // get first letter of the title here 
  return $replacements;