function batch_get

Same name and namespace in other branches
  1. 7.x includes/ \batch_get()
  2. 9 core/includes/ \batch_get()
  3. 8.9.x core/includes/ \batch_get()
  4. 10 core/includes/ \batch_get()

Retrieves the current batch.

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Administrative script for running authorized file operations.
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The _title_callback for the system.batch_page.html route.
BatchControllerTest::testBatchPageTitle in core/modules/system/tests/src/Unit/Batch/BatchControllerTest.php
Tests title callback.
BatchNegotiator::determineActiveTheme in core/modules/system/src/Theme/BatchNegotiator.php
Determine the active theme for the request.
batch_process in core/includes/
Processes the batch.

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core/includes/, line 985


function &batch_get() {
    // Not drupal_static(), because Batch API operates at a lower level than most
    // use-cases for resetting static variables, and we specifically do not want a
    // global drupal_static_reset() resetting the batch information. Functions
    // that are part of the Batch API and need to reset the batch information may
    // call batch_get() and manipulate the result by reference. Functions that are
    // not part of the Batch API can also do this, but shouldn't.
    static $batch = [];
    return $batch;

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