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namespace Drupal\Component\Utility;

 * Provides helpers to handle PHP opcode caches.
 * @ingroup utility
class OpCodeCache {
     * Checks if OpCodeCache is enabled.
     * @return bool
     *   TRUE if opcache is enabled, FALSE otherwise.
    public static function isEnabled() {
        return extension_loaded('Zend OPcache') && ini_get('opcache.enable');
     * Invalidates a PHP file from a possibly active opcode cache.
     * In case the opcode cache does not support to invalidate an individual file,
     * the entire cache will be flushed.
     * @param string $pathname
     *   The absolute pathname of the PHP file to invalidate.
    public static function invalidate($pathname) {
        clearstatcache(TRUE, $pathname);
        // Check if the Zend OPcache is enabled and if so invalidate the file.
        if (function_exists('opcache_invalidate')) {
            opcache_invalidate($pathname, TRUE);



Title Deprecated Summary
OpCodeCache Provides helpers to handle PHP opcode caches.

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