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namespace Drupal\Core\Ajax;

 * Defines an AJAX command to open certain content in a dialog in a modal dialog.
 * @ingroup ajax
class OpenModalDialogCommand extends OpenDialogCommand {
     * Constructs an OpenModalDialog object.
     * The modal dialog differs from the normal modal provided by
     * OpenDialogCommand in that a modal prevents other interactions on the page
     * until the modal has been completed. Drupal provides a built-in modal for
     * this purpose, so no selector needs to be provided.
     * @param string|\Stringable|null $title
     *   The title of the dialog.
     * @param string|array $content
     *   The content that will be placed in the dialog, either a render array
     *   or an HTML string.
     * @param array $dialog_options
     *   (optional) Settings to be passed to the dialog implementation. Any
     *   jQuery UI option can be used. See
     * @param array|null $settings
     *   (optional) Custom settings that will be passed to the Drupal behaviors
     *   on the content of the dialog. If left empty, the settings will be
     *   populated automatically from the current request.
    public function __construct(string|\Stringable|null $title, $content, array $dialog_options = [], $settings = NULL) {
        $dialog_options['modal'] = TRUE;
        parent::__construct('#drupal-modal', $title, $content, $dialog_options, $settings);



Title Deprecated Summary
OpenModalDialogCommand Defines an AJAX command to open certain content in a dialog in a modal dialog.

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