class OpenOffCanvasDialogCommand

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  1. 9 core/lib/Drupal/Core/Ajax/OpenOffCanvasDialogCommand.php \Drupal\Core\Ajax\OpenOffCanvasDialogCommand
  2. 8.9.x core/lib/Drupal/Core/Ajax/OpenOffCanvasDialogCommand.php \Drupal\Core\Ajax\OpenOffCanvasDialogCommand
  3. 10 core/lib/Drupal/Core/Ajax/OpenOffCanvasDialogCommand.php \Drupal\Core\Ajax\OpenOffCanvasDialogCommand

Defines an AJAX command to open content in a dialog in an off-canvas tray.


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2 files declare their use of OpenOffCanvasDialogCommand
OffCanvasRenderer.php in core/lib/Drupal/Core/Render/MainContent/OffCanvasRenderer.php
OpenOffCanvasDialogCommandTest.php in core/tests/Drupal/Tests/Core/Ajax/OpenOffCanvasDialogCommandTest.php


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class OpenOffCanvasDialogCommand extends OpenDialogCommand {
     * The dialog width to use if none is provided.
    const DEFAULT_DIALOG_WIDTH = 300;
     * Constructs an OpenOffCanvasDialogCommand object.
     * The off-canvas dialog differs from the normal modal provided by
     * OpenDialogCommand in that an off-canvas has built in positioning and
     * behaviors. Drupal provides a built-in off-canvas dialog for this purpose,
     * so the selector is hard-coded in the call to the parent constructor.
     * @param string|\Stringable|null $title
     *   The title of the dialog.
     * @param string|array $content
     *   The content that will be placed in the dialog, either a render array
     *   or an HTML string.
     * @param array $dialog_options
     *   (optional) Settings to be passed to the dialog implementation. Any
     *   jQuery UI option can be used. See
     * @param array|null $settings
     *   (optional) Custom settings that will be passed to the Drupal behaviors
     *   on the content of the dialog. If left empty, the settings will be
     *   populated automatically from the current request.
     * @param string $position
     *   (optional) The position to render the off-canvas dialog.
    public function __construct(string|\Stringable|null $title, $content, array $dialog_options = [], $settings = NULL, $position = 'side') {
        $dialog_class = FALSE;
        if (isset($dialog_options['classes']['ui-dialog'])) {
            $dialog_class = $dialog_options['classes']['ui-dialog'];
        elseif (isset($dialog_options['dialogClass'])) {
            @trigger_error('Passing $dialog_options[\'dialogClass\'] to OpenOffCanvasDialogCommand::__construct() is deprecated in drupal:10.3.0 and will be removed in drupal:12.0.0. Use $dialog_options[\'classes\'] instead. See', E_USER_DEPRECATED);
            $dialog_class = $dialog_options['dialogClass'];
        if ($dialog_class) {
            $dialog_options['classes']['ui-dialog'] = $dialog_class . ' ' . "ui-dialog-off-canvas ui-dialog-position-{$position}";
        else {
            $dialog_options['classes']['ui-dialog'] = "ui-dialog-off-canvas ui-dialog-position-{$position}";
        parent::__construct('#drupal-off-canvas', $title, $content, $dialog_options, $settings);
        $this->dialogOptions['modal'] = FALSE;
        $this->dialogOptions['autoResize'] = FALSE;
        $this->dialogOptions['resizable'] = 'w';
        $this->dialogOptions['draggable'] = FALSE;
        $this->dialogOptions['drupalAutoButtons'] = FALSE;
        $this->dialogOptions['drupalOffCanvasPosition'] = $position;
        // Add CSS class to #drupal-off-canvas element. This enables developers to
        // select previous versions of off-canvas styles by using custom selector:
        // #drupal-off-canvas:not(.drupal-off-canvas-reset).
        $this->dialogOptions['classes']['ui-dialog-content'] = 'drupal-off-canvas-reset';
        // If no width option is provided then use the default width to avoid the
        // dialog staying at the width of the previous instance when opened
        // more than once, with different widths, on a single page.
        if (!isset($this->dialogOptions['width'])) {
            $this->dialogOptions['width'] = static::DEFAULT_DIALOG_WIDTH;
     * {@inheritdoc}
    public function render() {
        $build = parent::render();
        $build['effect'] = 'fade';
        $build['speed'] = 1000;
        return $build;



Title Sort descending Modifiers Object type Summary Overriden Title
CommandWithAttachedAssetsTrait::$attachedAssets protected property The attached assets for this Ajax command.
CommandWithAttachedAssetsTrait::getAttachedAssets public function Gets the attached assets.
CommandWithAttachedAssetsTrait::getRenderedContent protected function Processes the content for output.
OpenDialogCommand::$content protected property The content for the dialog.
OpenDialogCommand::$dialogOptions protected property Stores dialog-specific options passed directly to jQuery UI dialogs.
OpenDialogCommand::$selector protected property The selector of the dialog.
OpenDialogCommand::$settings protected property Custom settings passed to Drupal behaviors on the content of the dialog.
OpenDialogCommand::$title protected property The title of the dialog.
OpenDialogCommand::getDialogOptions public function Returns the dialog options.
OpenDialogCommand::setDialogOption public function Sets a single dialog option value.
OpenDialogCommand::setDialogOptions public function Sets the dialog options array.
OpenDialogCommand::setDialogTitle public function Sets the dialog title (an alias of setDialogOptions).
OpenOffCanvasDialogCommand::DEFAULT_DIALOG_WIDTH constant The dialog width to use if none is provided.
OpenOffCanvasDialogCommand::render public function Implements \Drupal\Core\Ajax\CommandInterface:render(). Overrides OpenDialogCommand::render
OpenOffCanvasDialogCommand::__construct public function Constructs an OpenOffCanvasDialogCommand object. Overrides OpenDialogCommand::__construct

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