class PublicStream

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Defines a Drupal public (public://) stream wrapper class.

Provides support for storing publicly accessible files with the Drupal file interface.


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CachedStorageTest.php in core/tests/Drupal/KernelTests/Core/Config/Storage/CachedStorageTest.php
DummyRemoteStreamWrapper.php in core/modules/file/tests/file_test/src/StreamWrapper/DummyRemoteStreamWrapper.php
FileStorageTest.php in core/tests/Drupal/KernelTests/Core/Config/Storage/FileStorageTest.php
FileSystem.php in core/lib/Drupal/Core/File/FileSystem.php
FileSystemForm.php in core/modules/system/src/Form/FileSystemForm.php

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class PublicStream extends LocalStream {
     * {@inheritdoc}
    public static function getType() {
        return StreamWrapperInterface::LOCAL_NORMAL;
     * {@inheritdoc}
    public function getName() {
        return t('Public files');
     * {@inheritdoc}
    public function getDescription() {
        return t('Public local files served by the webserver.');
     * {@inheritdoc}
    public function getDirectoryPath() {
        return static::basePath();
     * {@inheritdoc}
    public function getExternalUrl() {
        $path = str_replace('\\', '/', $this->getTarget());
        return static::baseUrl() . '/' . UrlHelper::encodePath($path);
     * Finds and returns the base URL for public://.
     * Defaults to the current site's base URL plus directory path.
     * Note that this static method is used by \Drupal\system\Form\FileSystemForm
     * so you should alter that form or substitute a different form if you change
     * the class providing the stream_wrapper.public service.
     * @return string
     *   The external base URL for public://
    public static function baseUrl() {
        $settings_base_url = Settings::get('file_public_base_url', '');
        if ($settings_base_url) {
            return (string) $settings_base_url;
        else {
            return $GLOBALS['base_url'] . '/' . static::basePath();
     * Returns the base path for public://.
     * If we have a setting for the public:// scheme's path, we use that.
     * Otherwise we build a reasonable default based on the site.path service if
     * it's available, or a default behavior based on the request.
     * Note that this static method is used by \Drupal\system\Form\FileSystemForm
     * so you should alter that form or substitute a different form if you change
     * the class providing the stream_wrapper.public service.
     * The site path is injectable from the site.path service:
     * @code
     * $base_path = PublicStream::basePath(\Drupal::service('site.path'));
     * @endcode
     * @param string $site_path
     *   (optional) The site.path service parameter, which is typically the path
     *   to sites/ in a Drupal installation. This allows you to inject the site
     *   path using services from the caller. If omitted, this method will use the
     *   global service container or the kernel's default behavior to determine
     *   the site path.
     * @return string
     *   The base path for public:// typically sites/default/files.
    public static function basePath($site_path = NULL) {
        if ($site_path === NULL) {
            // Find the site path. Kernel service is not always available at this
            // point, but is preferred, when available.
            if (\Drupal::hasService('kernel')) {
                $site_path = \Drupal::service('site.path');
            else {
                // If there is no kernel available yet, we call the static
                // findSitePath().
                $site_path = DrupalKernel::findSitePath(Request::createFromGlobals());
        return Settings::get('file_public_path', $site_path . '/files');



Title Sort descending Modifiers Object type Summary Overriden Title Overrides
LocalStream::$context public property Stream context resource.
LocalStream::$handle public property A generic resource handle.
LocalStream::$uri protected property Instance URI (stream).
LocalStream::dirname public function Gets the name of the directory from a given path. Overrides StreamWrapperInterface::dirname
LocalStream::dir_closedir public function Support for closedir(). Overrides PhpStreamWrapperInterface::dir_closedir
LocalStream::dir_opendir public function Support for opendir(). Overrides PhpStreamWrapperInterface::dir_opendir
LocalStream::dir_readdir public function Support for readdir(). Overrides PhpStreamWrapperInterface::dir_readdir
LocalStream::dir_rewinddir public function Support for rewinddir(). Overrides PhpStreamWrapperInterface::dir_rewinddir
LocalStream::getFileSystem private function Returns file system service.
LocalStream::getLocalPath protected function Returns the canonical absolute path of the URI, if possible.
LocalStream::getTarget protected function Returns the local writable target of the resource within the stream.
LocalStream::getUri public function Returns the stream resource URI. Overrides StreamWrapperInterface::getUri
LocalStream::mkdir public function Support for mkdir(). Overrides PhpStreamWrapperInterface::mkdir 1
LocalStream::realpath public function Returns canonical, absolute path of the resource. Overrides StreamWrapperInterface::realpath 1
LocalStream::rename public function Support for rename(). Overrides PhpStreamWrapperInterface::rename 1
LocalStream::rmdir public function Support for rmdir(). Overrides PhpStreamWrapperInterface::rmdir 1
LocalStream::setUri public function Sets the absolute stream resource URI. Overrides StreamWrapperInterface::setUri
LocalStream::stream_cast public function Retrieve the underlying stream resource. Overrides PhpStreamWrapperInterface::stream_cast
LocalStream::stream_close public function Support for fclose(). Overrides PhpStreamWrapperInterface::stream_close
LocalStream::stream_eof public function Support for feof(). Overrides PhpStreamWrapperInterface::stream_eof
LocalStream::stream_flush public function Support for fflush(). Overrides PhpStreamWrapperInterface::stream_flush 1
LocalStream::stream_lock public function Support for flock(). Overrides PhpStreamWrapperInterface::stream_lock 1
LocalStream::stream_metadata public function Sets metadata on the stream. Overrides PhpStreamWrapperInterface::stream_metadata 1
LocalStream::stream_open public function Support for fopen(), file_get_contents(), file_put_contents() etc. Overrides PhpStreamWrapperInterface::stream_open 1
LocalStream::stream_read public function Support for fread(), file_get_contents() etc. Overrides PhpStreamWrapperInterface::stream_read
LocalStream::stream_seek public function Seeks to specific location in a stream. Overrides PhpStreamWrapperInterface::stream_seek
LocalStream::stream_set_option public function Since Windows systems do not allow it and it is not needed for most use
cases anyway, this method is not supported on local files and will trigger
an error and return false. If needed, custom subclasses can provide
OS-specific implementations for…
Overrides PhpStreamWrapperInterface::stream_set_option
LocalStream::stream_stat public function Support for fstat(). Overrides PhpStreamWrapperInterface::stream_stat
LocalStream::stream_tell public function Support for ftell(). Overrides PhpStreamWrapperInterface::stream_tell
LocalStream::stream_truncate public function Truncate stream. Overrides PhpStreamWrapperInterface::stream_truncate 1
LocalStream::stream_write public function Support for fwrite(), file_put_contents() etc. Overrides PhpStreamWrapperInterface::stream_write 1
LocalStream::unlink public function Support for unlink(). Overrides PhpStreamWrapperInterface::unlink 1
LocalStream::url_stat public function Support for stat(). Overrides PhpStreamWrapperInterface::url_stat
PublicStream::basePath public static function Returns the base path for public://.
PublicStream::baseUrl public static function Finds and returns the base URL for public://.
PublicStream::getDescription public function Returns the description of the stream wrapper for use in the UI. Overrides StreamWrapperInterface::getDescription 1
PublicStream::getDirectoryPath public function Gets the path that the wrapper is responsible for. Overrides LocalStream::getDirectoryPath
PublicStream::getExternalUrl public function Returns a web accessible URL for the resource. Overrides StreamWrapperInterface::getExternalUrl
PublicStream::getName public function Returns the name of the stream wrapper for use in the UI. Overrides StreamWrapperInterface::getName 1
PublicStream::getType public static function Returns the type of stream wrapper. Overrides LocalStream::getType 1
StreamWrapperInterface::ALL constant A filter that matches all wrappers.
StreamWrapperInterface::HIDDEN constant Defines the stream wrapper bit flag for a hidden file.
StreamWrapperInterface::LOCAL constant Refers to a local file system location.
StreamWrapperInterface::LOCAL_HIDDEN constant Hidden, readable and writable using local files.
StreamWrapperInterface::LOCAL_NORMAL constant Visible, readable and writable using local files.
StreamWrapperInterface::NORMAL constant This is the default 'type' flag. This does not include
StreamWrapperInterface::LOCAL, because PHP grants a greater trust level to
local files (for example, they can be used in an "include" statement,
regardless of the…
StreamWrapperInterface::READ constant Wrapper is readable (almost always true).
StreamWrapperInterface::READ_VISIBLE constant Visible and read-only.
StreamWrapperInterface::VISIBLE constant Exposed in the UI and potentially web accessible.
StreamWrapperInterface::WRITE constant Wrapper is writable.
StreamWrapperInterface::WRITE_VISIBLE constant Visible, readable and writable.

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