7.x cache.inc _cache_get_object($bin)

Gets the cache object for a cache bin.

By default, this returns an instance of the DrupalDatabaseCache class. Classes implementing DrupalCacheInterface can register themselves both as a default implementation and for specific bins.


$bin: The cache bin for which the cache object should be returned.

Return value

DrupalCacheInterface The cache object associated with the specified bin.

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includes/cache.inc, line 23
Functions and interfaces for cache handling.


function _cache_get_object($bin) {

  // We do not use drupal_static() here because we do not want to change the
  // storage of a cache bin mid-request.
  static $cache_objects;
  if (!isset($cache_objects[$bin])) {
    $class = variable_get('cache_class_' . $bin);
    if (!isset($class)) {
      $class = variable_get('cache_default_class', 'DrupalDatabaseCache');
    $cache_objects[$bin] = new $class($bin);
  return $cache_objects[$bin];