An interface for pluggable mail back-ends.


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API functions for processing and sending e-mail.

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interface MailSystemInterface {

   * Format a message composed by drupal_mail() prior sending.
   * @param $message
   *   A message array, as described in hook_mail_alter().
   * @return
   *   The formatted $message.
  public function format(array $message);

   * Send a message composed by drupal_mail().
   * @param $message
   *   Message array with at least the following elements:
   *   - id: A unique identifier of the e-mail type. Examples: 'contact_user_copy',
   *     'user_password_reset'.
   *   - to: The mail address or addresses where the message will be sent to.
   *     The formatting of this string will be validated with the
   *     @link PHP e-mail validation filter. @endlink
   *     Some examples are:
   *     -
   *     -,
   *     - User <>
   *     - User <>, Another User <>
   *   - subject: Subject of the e-mail to be sent. This must not contain any
   *     newline characters, or the mail may not be sent properly.
   *   - body: Message to be sent. Accepts both CRLF and LF line-endings.
   *     E-mail bodies must be wrapped. You can use drupal_wrap_mail() for
   *     smart plain text wrapping.
   *   - headers: Associative array containing all additional mail headers not
   *     defined by one of the other parameters.  PHP's mail() looks for Cc and
   *     Bcc headers and sends the mail to addresses in these headers too.
   * @return
   *   TRUE if the mail was successfully accepted for delivery, otherwise FALSE.
  public function mail(array $message);



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MailSystemInterface::format public function Format a message composed by drupal_mail() prior sending.
MailSystemInterface::mail public function Send a message composed by drupal_mail().


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