1. 8.5.x core/lib/Drupal/Core/Database/Driver/sqlite/Delete.php Delete
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  28. 8.6.x core/lib/Drupal/Core/Database/Query/Delete.php Delete

General class for an abstracted DELETE operation.


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core/lib/Drupal/Core/Database/Query/Delete.php, line 13


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class Delete extends Query implements ConditionInterface {
  use QueryConditionTrait;

   * The table from which to delete.
   * @var string
  protected $table;

   * Constructs a Delete object.
   * @param \Drupal\Core\Database\Connection $connection
   *   A Connection object.
   * @param string $table
   *   Name of the table to associate with this query.
   * @param array $options
   *   Array of database options.
  public function __construct(Connection $connection, $table, array $options = []) {
    $options['return'] = Database::RETURN_AFFECTED;
    parent::__construct($connection, $options);
    $this->table = $table;
    $this->condition = new Condition('AND');

   * Executes the DELETE query.
   * @return int
   *   The number of rows affected by the delete query.
  public function execute() {
    $values = [];
    if (count($this->condition)) {
        ->compile($this->connection, $this);
      $values = $this->condition
    return $this->connection
      ->query((string) $this, $values, $this->queryOptions);

   * Implements PHP magic __toString method to convert the query to a string.
   * @return string
   *   The prepared statement.
  public function __toString() {

    // Create a sanitized comment string to prepend to the query.
    $comments = $this->connection
    $query = $comments . 'DELETE FROM {' . $this->connection
      ->escapeTable($this->table) . '} ';
    if (count($this->condition)) {
        ->compile($this->connection, $this);
      $query .= "\nWHERE " . $this->condition;
    return $query;



Contains filters are case sensitive
Namesort descending Modifiers Type Description Overrides
Delete::$table protected property The table from which to delete.
Delete::execute public function Executes the DELETE query. Overrides Query::execute
Delete::__construct public function Constructs a Delete object. Overrides Query::__construct
Delete::__toString public function Implements PHP magic __toString method to convert the query to a string. Overrides Query::__toString
Query::$comments protected property An array of comments that can be prepended to a query.
Query::$connection protected property The connection object on which to run this query.
Query::$connectionKey protected property The key of the connection object.
Query::$connectionTarget protected property The target of the connection object.
Query::$nextPlaceholder protected property The placeholder counter.
Query::$queryOptions protected property The query options to pass on to the connection object.
Query::$uniqueIdentifier protected property A unique identifier for this query object.
Query::comment public function Adds a comment to the query.
Query::getComments public function Returns a reference to the comments array for the query.
Query::nextPlaceholder public function Gets the next placeholder value for this query object. Overrides PlaceholderInterface::nextPlaceholder
Query::uniqueIdentifier public function Returns a unique identifier for this object. Overrides PlaceholderInterface::uniqueIdentifier
Query::__clone public function Implements the magic __clone function.
Query::__sleep public function Implements the magic __sleep function to disconnect from the database.
Query::__wakeup public function Implements the magic __wakeup function to reconnect to the database.
QueryConditionTrait::$condition protected property The condition object for this query.
QueryConditionTrait::andConditionGroup public function Creates a new group of conditions ANDed together. Overrides ConditionInterface::andConditionGroup
QueryConditionTrait::arguments public function Gets a complete list of all values to insert into the prepared statement. Overrides ConditionInterface::arguments
QueryConditionTrait::compile public function Compiles the saved conditions for later retrieval. Overrides ConditionInterface::compile
QueryConditionTrait::compiled public function Check whether a condition has been previously compiled. Overrides ConditionInterface::compiled
QueryConditionTrait::condition public function Helper function: builds the most common conditional clauses. Overrides ConditionInterface::condition
QueryConditionTrait::conditionGroupFactory public function Creates an object holding a group of conditions. Overrides ConditionInterface::conditionGroupFactory
QueryConditionTrait::conditions public function Gets the, possibly nested, list of conditions in this conditional clause. Overrides ConditionInterface::conditions
QueryConditionTrait::exists public function Sets a condition that the specified subquery returns values. Overrides ConditionInterface::exists
QueryConditionTrait::isNotNull public function Sets a condition that the specified field be NOT NULL. Overrides ConditionInterface::isNotNull
QueryConditionTrait::isNull public function Sets a condition that the specified field be NULL. Overrides ConditionInterface::isNull
QueryConditionTrait::notExists public function Sets a condition that the specified subquery returns no values. Overrides ConditionInterface::notExists
QueryConditionTrait::orConditionGroup public function Creates a new group of conditions ORed together. Overrides ConditionInterface::orConditionGroup
QueryConditionTrait::where public function Adds an arbitrary WHERE clause to the query. Overrides ConditionInterface::where