class GeneratedUrl

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  1. 9 core/lib/Drupal/Core/GeneratedUrl.php \Drupal\Core\GeneratedUrl
  2. 10 core/lib/Drupal/Core/GeneratedUrl.php \Drupal\Core\GeneratedUrl
  3. 11.x core/lib/Drupal/Core/GeneratedUrl.php \Drupal\Core\GeneratedUrl

Used to return generated URLs, along with associated bubbleable metadata.

Note: not to be confused with \Drupal\Core\Url, which is for passing around ungenerated URLs (typically route name + route parameters).


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14 files declare their use of GeneratedUrl
EntityReferenceFieldItemNormalizerTest.php in core/modules/serialization/tests/src/Unit/Normalizer/EntityReferenceFieldItemNormalizerTest.php
EntityUrlTest.php in core/tests/Drupal/Tests/Core/Entity/EntityUrlTest.php
FieldPluginBaseTest.php in core/modules/views/tests/src/Unit/Plugin/field/FieldPluginBaseTest.php
Contains \Drupal\Tests\views\Unit\Plugin\field\FieldPluginBaseTest.
LinkGeneratorTest.php in core/tests/Drupal/Tests/Core/Utility/LinkGeneratorTest.php
LinkTest.php in core/modules/jsonapi/tests/src/Unit/JsonApiResource/LinkTest.php

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core/lib/Drupal/Core/GeneratedUrl.php, line 13


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class GeneratedUrl extends BubbleableMetadata {
     * The string value of the URL.
     * @var string
    protected $generatedUrl = '';
     * Gets the generated URL.
     * @return string
    public function getGeneratedUrl() {
        return $this->generatedUrl;
     * Sets the generated URL.
     * @param string $generated_url
     *   The generated URL.
     * @return $this
    public function setGeneratedUrl($generated_url) {
        $this->generatedUrl = $generated_url;
        return $this;



Title Sort descending Modifiers Object type Summary Overriden Title
AttachmentsTrait::$attachments protected property The attachments for this response.
AttachmentsTrait::addAttachments public function
AttachmentsTrait::getAttachments public function
AttachmentsTrait::setAttachments public function
BubbleableMetadata::addCacheableDependency public function Overrides RefinableCacheableDependencyTrait::addCacheableDependency
BubbleableMetadata::applyTo public function Applies the values of this bubbleable metadata object to a render array. Overrides CacheableMetadata::applyTo
BubbleableMetadata::createFromObject public static function Creates a bubbleable metadata object from a depended object. Overrides CacheableMetadata::createFromObject
BubbleableMetadata::createFromRenderArray public static function Creates a bubbleable metadata object with values taken from a render array. Overrides CacheableMetadata::createFromRenderArray
BubbleableMetadata::merge public function Creates a new bubbleable metadata object by merging this one with another. Overrides CacheableMetadata::merge
BubbleableMetadata::mergeAttachments public static function Merges two attachments arrays (which live under the '#attached' key).
CacheableDependencyTrait::$cacheContexts protected property Cache contexts.
CacheableDependencyTrait::$cacheMaxAge protected property Cache max-age.
CacheableDependencyTrait::$cacheTags protected property Cache tags.
CacheableDependencyTrait::setCacheability protected function Sets cacheability; useful for value object constructors.
CacheableMetadata::getCacheContexts public function The cache contexts associated with this object. Overrides CacheableDependencyTrait::getCacheContexts
CacheableMetadata::getCacheMaxAge public function The maximum age for which this object may be cached. Overrides CacheableDependencyTrait::getCacheMaxAge
CacheableMetadata::getCacheTags public function The cache tags associated with this object. Overrides CacheableDependencyTrait::getCacheTags
CacheableMetadata::setCacheContexts public function Sets cache contexts.
CacheableMetadata::setCacheMaxAge public function Sets the maximum age (in seconds).
CacheableMetadata::setCacheTags public function Sets cache tags.
GeneratedUrl::$generatedUrl protected property The string value of the URL.
GeneratedUrl::getGeneratedUrl public function Gets the generated URL.
GeneratedUrl::setGeneratedUrl public function Sets the generated URL.
RefinableCacheableDependencyTrait::addCacheContexts public function
RefinableCacheableDependencyTrait::addCacheTags public function
RefinableCacheableDependencyTrait::mergeCacheMaxAge public function

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