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Ajax API Overview for Drupal's Ajax API.
Annotation for context definition Describes how to use ContextDefinition annotation.
Annotation for translatable text Describes how to put translatable UI text into annotations.
Annotations Annotations for class discovery and metadata description.
Authorized operations Functions to run operations with elevated privileges via authorize.php.
Automated tests Overview of PHPUnit tests and Simpletest tests.
Batch operations Creates and processes batch operations.
Best practices for developers Overview of standards and best practices for developers
Block API Information about the classes and interfaces that make up the Block API.
Cache API Information about the Drupal Cache API
Callbacks Callback function signatures.
Configuration API Information about the Configuration API.
Content markers Markers used by mark.html.twig and node_mark() to designate content.
Database abstraction layer Allow the use of different database servers using the same code base.
Entity API Describes how to define and manipulate content and configuration entities.
Entity CRUD, editing, and view hooks Hooks used in various entity operations.
Events Overview of event dispatch and subscribing
Extending and altering Drupal Overview of extensions and alteration methods for Drupal.
Field API Attaches custom data fields to Drupal entities.
Field API bulk data deletion Cleans up after Field API bulk deletion operations.
Field Formatter API Define Field API formatter types.
Field Types API Defines field, widget, display formatter, and storage types.
Field Widget API Define Field API widget types.
File interface Common file handling functions.
Form generation Describes how to generate and manipulate forms and process form submissions.
Formatting Functions to format numbers, strings, dates, etc.
Hooks Define functions that alter the behavior of Drupal core.
Image toolkits Functions for image file manipulations.
Information types Types of information in Drupal.
Input validation Functions to validate user input.
Interface translation properties .info.yml file properties for interface translation settings.
Internationalization Internationalization and translation
Locking mechanisms Functions to coordinate long-running operations across requests.
Logging severity levels Logging severity levels as defined in RFC 5424.
Menu system Define the navigation menus, local actions and tasks, and contextual links.
Migration API Overview of the Migration API, which migrates data into Drupal.
Node access rights The node access system determines who can do what to which nodes.
Objected-oriented programming conventions PSR-4, namespaces, class naming, and other conventions.
Page header for Classes page Introduction to classes
Page header for Elements page Introduction to form and render elements
Page header for Namespaces page Introduction to namespaces
Page header for Services page Introduction to services
PHP Runtime Assert Statements Use of the assert() statement in Drupal.
PHP wrapper functions Functions that are wrappers or custom implementations of PHP functions.
Plugin API Using the Plugin API
Queue operations Queue items to allow later processing.
RDF Mapping API Functions to describe entities and bundles in RDF.
Render API overview Overview of the Theme system and Render API.
REST and Application Integration Integrating third-party applications using REST and related operations.
Routing API Route page requests to code based on URLs.


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