function file_scan_directory

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  1. 8.9.x core/includes/ \file_scan_directory()

Finds all files that match a given mask in a given directory.

Directories and files beginning with a period are excluded; this prevents hidden files and directories (such as SVN working directories) from being scanned.


$dir: The base directory or URI to scan, without trailing slash.

$mask: The preg_match() regular expression of the files to find.

$options: An associative array of additional options, with the following elements:

  • 'nomask': The preg_match() regular expression of the files to ignore. Defaults to '/(\.\.?|CVS)$/'.
  • 'callback': The callback function to call for each match. There is no default callback.
  • 'recurse': When TRUE, the directory scan will recurse the entire tree starting at the provided directory. Defaults to TRUE.
  • 'key': The key to be used for the returned associative array of files. Possible values are 'uri', for the file's URI; 'filename', for the basename of the file; and 'name' for the name of the file without the extension. Defaults to 'uri'.
  • 'min_depth': Minimum depth of directories to return files from. Defaults to 0.

$depth: Current depth of recursion. This parameter is only used internally and should not be passed in.

Return value

An associative array (keyed on the chosen key) of objects with 'uri', 'filename', and 'name' members corresponding to the matching files.

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includes/, line 2193


function file_scan_directory($dir, $mask, $options = array(), $depth = 0) {
    // Default nomask option.
    $nomask = '/(\\.\\.?|CVS)$/';
    // Overrides the $nomask variable accordingly if $options['nomask'] is set.
    // Allow directories specified in settings.php to be ignored. You can use this
    // to not check for files in common special-purpose directories. For example,
    // node_modules and bower_components. Ignoring irrelevant directories is a
    // performance boost.
    if (!isset($options['nomask'])) {
        $ignore_directories = variable_get('file_scan_ignore_directories', array());
        foreach ($ignore_directories as $index => $ignore_directory) {
            $ignore_directories[$index] = preg_quote($ignore_directory, '/');
        if (!empty($ignore_directories)) {
            $nomask = '/^(\\.\\.?)|CVS|' . implode('|', $ignore_directories) . '$/';
    // Merge in defaults.
    $options += array(
        'nomask' => $nomask,
        'callback' => 0,
        'recurse' => TRUE,
        'key' => 'uri',
        'min_depth' => 0,
    $options['key'] = in_array($options['key'], array(
    )) ? $options['key'] : 'uri';
    $files = array();
    if (is_dir($dir) && ($handle = opendir($dir))) {
        while (FALSE !== ($filename = readdir($handle))) {
            if (!preg_match($options['nomask'], $filename) && $filename[0] != '.') {
                $uri = "{$dir}/{$filename}";
                $uri = file_stream_wrapper_uri_normalize($uri);
                if (is_dir($uri) && $options['recurse']) {
                    // Give priority to files in this folder by merging them in after any subdirectory files.
                    $files = array_merge(file_scan_directory($uri, $mask, $options, $depth + 1), $files);
                elseif ($depth >= $options['min_depth'] && preg_match($mask, $filename)) {
                    // Always use this match over anything already set in $files with the
                    // same $$options['key'].
                    $file = new stdClass();
                    $file->uri = $uri;
                    $file->filename = $filename;
                    $file->name = pathinfo($filename, PATHINFO_FILENAME);
                    $key = $options['key'];
                    $files[$file->{$key}] = $file;
                    if ($options['callback']) {
    return $files;

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