File interface

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Common file handling functions.

Fields on the file object:

  • fid: File ID
  • uid: The {users}.uid of the user who is associated with the file.
  • filename: Name of the file with no path components. This may differ from the basename of the filepath if the file is renamed to avoid overwriting an existing file.
  • uri: URI of the file.
  • filemime: The file's MIME type.
  • filesize: The size of the file in bytes.
  • status: A bitmapped field indicating the status of the file. The first 8 bits are reserved for Drupal core. The least significant bit indicates temporary (0) or permanent (1). Temporary files older than DRUPAL_MAXIMUM_TEMP_FILE_AGE will be removed during cron runs.
  • timestamp: UNIX timestamp for the date the file was added to the database.


includes/, line 17


Title Sort descending File name Summary
drupal_basename includes/ Gets the filename from a given path.
drupal_chmod includes/ Sets the permissions on a file or directory.
drupal_dirname includes/ Gets the name of the directory from a given path.
drupal_mkdir includes/ Creates a directory, optionally creating missing components in the path to
the directory.
drupal_move_uploaded_file includes/ Moves an uploaded file to a new location.
drupal_realpath includes/ Resolves the absolute filepath of a local URI or filepath.
drupal_rmdir includes/ Removes a directory.
drupal_tempnam includes/ Creates a file with a unique filename in the specified directory.
drupal_unlink includes/ Deletes a file.
file_build_uri includes/ Constructs a URI to Drupal's default files location given a relative path.
file_copy includes/ Copies a file to a new location and adds a file record to the database.
file_create_filename includes/ Creates a full file path from a directory and filename.
file_create_htaccess includes/ Creates a .htaccess file in the given directory.
file_create_url includes/ Creates a web-accessible URL for a stream to an external or local file.
file_default_scheme includes/ Gets the default file stream implementation.
file_delete includes/ Deletes a file and its database record.
file_destination includes/ Determines the destination path for a file.
file_directory_temp includes/ Gets the path of system-appropriate temporary directory.
file_download includes/ Menu handler for private file transfers.
file_download_access includes/ Checks that the current user has access to a particular file.
file_download_headers includes/ Retrieves headers for a private file download.
file_ensure_htaccess includes/ Creates a .htaccess file in each Drupal files directory if it is missing.
file_get_content_headers includes/ Examines a file object and returns appropriate content headers for download.
file_get_mimetype includes/ Determines an Internet Media Type or MIME type from a filename.
file_get_stream_wrappers includes/ Provides Drupal stream wrapper registry.
file_htaccess_lines includes/ Returns the standard .htaccess lines that Drupal writes to file directories.
file_load includes/ Loads a single file object from the database.
file_load_multiple includes/ Loads file objects from the database.
file_move includes/ Moves a file to a new location and update the file's database entry.
file_munge_filename includes/ Modifies a filename as needed for security purposes.
file_prepare_directory includes/ Checks that the directory exists and is writable.
file_save includes/ Saves a file object to the database.
file_save_data includes/ Saves a file to the specified destination and creates a database entry.
file_save_upload includes/ Saves a file upload to a new location.
file_scan_directory includes/ Finds all files that match a given mask in a given directory.
file_space_used includes/ Determines total disk space used by a single user or the whole filesystem.
file_stream_wrapper_get_class includes/ Returns the stream wrapper class name for a given scheme.
file_stream_wrapper_get_instance_by_scheme includes/ Returns a reference to the stream wrapper class responsible for a scheme.
file_stream_wrapper_get_instance_by_uri includes/ Returns a reference to the stream wrapper class responsible for a given URI.
file_stream_wrapper_uri_normalize includes/ Normalizes a URI by making it syntactically correct.
file_stream_wrapper_valid_scheme includes/ Checks that the scheme of a stream URI is valid.
file_transfer includes/ Transfers a file to the client using HTTP.
file_unmanaged_copy includes/ Copies a file to a new location without invoking the file API.
file_unmanaged_delete includes/ Deletes a file without database changes or hook invocations.
file_unmanaged_delete_recursive includes/ Deletes all files and directories in the specified filepath recursively.
file_unmanaged_move includes/ Moves a file to a new location without database changes or hook invocation.
file_unmanaged_save_data includes/ Saves a string to the specified destination without invoking file API.
file_unmunge_filename includes/ Undoes the effect of file_munge_filename().
file_upload_max_size includes/ Determines the maximum file upload size by querying the PHP settings.
file_uri_normalize_dot_segments includes/ Normalize dot segments in a URI.
file_uri_scheme includes/ Returns the scheme of a URI (e.g. a stream).
file_uri_target includes/ Returns the part of a URI after the schema.
file_usage_add includes/ Records that a module is using a file.
file_usage_delete includes/ Removes a record to indicate that a module is no longer using a file.
file_usage_list includes/ Determines where a file is used.
file_validate includes/ Checks that a file meets the criteria specified by the validators.
file_validate_extensions includes/ Checks that the filename ends with an allowed extension.
file_validate_image_resolution includes/ Verifies that image dimensions are within the specified maximum and minimum.
file_validate_is_image includes/ Checks that the file is recognized by image_get_info() as an image.
file_validate_name_length includes/ Checks for files with names longer than we can store in the database.
file_validate_size includes/ Checks that the file's size is below certain limits.
file_valid_uri includes/ Determines whether the URI has a valid scheme for file API operations.
_drupal_mkdir_call includes/ Helper function. Ensures we don't pass a NULL as a context resource to


Title Sort descending File name Summary
FILE_CREATE_DIRECTORY includes/ Flag used by file_prepare_directory() -- create directory if not present.
FILE_EXISTS_ERROR includes/ Flag for dealing with existing files: Do nothing and return FALSE.
FILE_EXISTS_RENAME includes/ Flag for dealing with existing files: Appends number until name is unique.
FILE_EXISTS_REPLACE includes/ Flag for dealing with existing files: Replace the existing file.
FILE_INSECURE_EXTENSIONS includes/ A pipe-separated list of insecure extensions.
FILE_MODIFY_PERMISSIONS includes/ Flag used by file_prepare_directory() -- file permissions may be changed.
FILE_STATUS_PERMANENT includes/ Indicates that the file is permanent and should not be deleted.

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