The default Drupal mail backend using PHP's mail function.


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Returns an object that implements the MailSystemInterface interface.


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Drupal core implementations of MailSystemInterface.

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class DefaultMailSystem implements MailSystemInterface {

   * Concatenate and wrap the e-mail body for plain-text mails.
   * @param $message
   *   A message array, as described in hook_mail_alter().
   * @return
   *   The formatted $message.
  public function format(array $message) {

    // Join the body array into one string.
    $message['body'] = implode("\n\n", $message['body']);

    // Convert any HTML to plain-text.
    $message['body'] = drupal_html_to_text($message['body']);

    // Wrap the mail body for sending.
    $message['body'] = drupal_wrap_mail($message['body']);
    return $message;

   * Send an e-mail message, using Drupal variables and default settings.
   * @see
   * @see drupal_mail()
   * @param $message
   *   A message array, as described in hook_mail_alter().
   * @return
   *   TRUE if the mail was successfully accepted, otherwise FALSE.
  public function mail(array $message) {

    // If 'Return-Path' isn't already set in php.ini, we pass it separately
    // as an additional parameter instead of in the header.
    // However, if PHP's 'safe_mode' is on, this is not allowed.
    if (isset($message['headers']['Return-Path']) && !ini_get('safe_mode')) {
      $return_path_set = strpos(ini_get('sendmail_path'), ' -f');
      if (!$return_path_set) {
        $message['Return-Path'] = $message['headers']['Return-Path'];
    $mimeheaders = array();
    foreach ($message['headers'] as $name => $value) {
      $mimeheaders[] = $name . ': ' . mime_header_encode($value);
    $line_endings = variable_get('mail_line_endings', MAIL_LINE_ENDINGS);

    // Prepare mail commands.
    $mail_subject = mime_header_encode($message['subject']);

    // Note: e-mail uses CRLF for line-endings. PHP's API requires LF
    // on Unix and CRLF on Windows. Drupal automatically guesses the
    // line-ending format appropriate for your system. If you need to
    // override this, adjust $conf['mail_line_endings'] in settings.php.
    $mail_body = preg_replace('@\\r?\\n@', $line_endings, $message['body']);

    // For headers, PHP's API suggests that we use CRLF normally,
    // but some MTAs incorrectly replace LF with CRLF. See #234403.
    $mail_headers = join("\n", $mimeheaders);

    // We suppress warnings and notices from mail() because of issues on some
    // hosts. The return value of this method will still indicate whether mail
    // was sent successfully.
    if (!isset($_SERVER['WINDIR']) && strpos($_SERVER['SERVER_SOFTWARE'], 'Win32') === FALSE) {
      if (isset($message['Return-Path']) && !ini_get('safe_mode')) {

        // On most non-Windows systems, the "-f" option to the sendmail command
        // is used to set the Return-Path. There is no space between -f and
        // the value of the return path.
        $mail_result = @mail($message['to'], $mail_subject, $mail_body, $mail_headers, '-f' . $message['Return-Path']);
      else {

        // The optional $additional_parameters argument to mail() is not
        // allowed if safe_mode is enabled. Passing any value throws a PHP
        // warning and makes mail() return FALSE.
        $mail_result = @mail($message['to'], $mail_subject, $mail_body, $mail_headers);
    else {

      // On Windows, PHP will use the value of sendmail_from for the
      // Return-Path header.
      $old_from = ini_get('sendmail_from');
      ini_set('sendmail_from', $message['Return-Path']);
      $mail_result = @mail($message['to'], $mail_subject, $mail_body, $mail_headers);
      ini_set('sendmail_from', $old_from);
    return $mail_result;



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Namesort descending Modifiers Type Description Overrides
DefaultMailSystem::format public function Concatenate and wrap the e-mail body for plain-text mails. Overrides MailSystemInterface::format
DefaultMailSystem::mail public function Send an e-mail message, using Drupal variables and default settings. Overrides MailSystemInterface::mail