class PathAlias

Same name and namespace in other branches
  1. 9 core/modules/path_alias/src/Entity/PathAlias.php \Drupal\path_alias\Entity\PathAlias
  2. 8.9.x core/modules/path_alias/src/Entity/PathAlias.php \Drupal\path_alias\Entity\PathAlias
  3. 11.x core/modules/path_alias/src/Entity/PathAlias.php \Drupal\path_alias\Entity\PathAlias

Defines the path_alias entity class.

Plugin annotation

  id = "path_alias",
  label = @Translation("URL alias"),
  label_collection = @Translation("URL aliases"),
  label_singular = @Translation("URL alias"),
  label_plural = @Translation("URL aliases"),
  label_count = @PluralTranslation(
    singular = "@count URL alias",
    plural = "@count URL aliases"
  handlers = {
    "storage" = "Drupal\path_alias\PathAliasStorage",
    "storage_schema" = "Drupal\path_alias\PathAliasStorageSchema",
  base_table = "path_alias",
  revision_table = "path_alias_revision",
  entity_keys = {
    "id" = "id",
    "revision" = "revision_id",
    "langcode" = "langcode",
    "uuid" = "uuid",
    "published" = "status",
  admin_permission = "administer url aliases",
  list_cache_tags = { "route_match" },
  constraints = {
    "UniquePathAlias" = {}


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3 files declare their use of PathAlias
PathAliasResourceTestBase.php in core/modules/path_alias/tests/src/Functional/Rest/PathAliasResourceTestBase.php
PathAliasTest.php in core/modules/jsonapi/tests/src/Functional/PathAliasTest.php
PathHooksTest.php in core/modules/path_alias/tests/src/Kernel/PathHooksTest.php


core/modules/path_alias/src/Entity/PathAlias.php, line 47


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class PathAlias extends ContentEntityBase implements PathAliasInterface {
    use EntityPublishedTrait;
     * {@inheritdoc}
    public static function baseFieldDefinitions(EntityTypeInterface $entity_type) {
        $fields = parent::baseFieldDefinitions($entity_type);
        $fields['path'] = BaseFieldDefinition::create('string')->setLabel(new TranslatableMarkup('System path'))
            ->setDescription(new TranslatableMarkup('The path that this alias belongs to.'))
            ->addPropertyConstraints('value', [
            'Regex' => [
                'pattern' => '/^\\//i',
                'message' => new TranslatableMarkup('The source path has to start with a slash.'),
            ->addPropertyConstraints('value', [
            'ValidPath' => [],
        $fields['alias'] = BaseFieldDefinition::create('string')->setLabel(new TranslatableMarkup('URL alias'))
            ->setDescription(new TranslatableMarkup('An alias used with this path.'))
            ->addPropertyConstraints('value', [
            'Regex' => [
                'pattern' => '/^\\//i',
                'message' => new TranslatableMarkup('The alias path has to start with a slash.'),
        // Add the published field.
        $fields += static::publishedBaseFieldDefinitions($entity_type);
        return $fields;
     * {@inheritdoc}
    public function preSave(EntityStorageInterface $storage) {
        // Trim the alias value of whitespace and slashes. Ensure to not trim the
        // slash on the left side.
        $alias = rtrim(trim($this->getAlias()), "\\/");
     * {@inheritdoc}
    public function postSave(EntityStorageInterface $storage, $update = TRUE) {
        parent::postSave($storage, $update);
        $alias_manager = \Drupal::service('path_alias.manager');
        if ($update) {
     * {@inheritdoc}
    public static function postDelete(EntityStorageInterface $storage, array $entities) {
        parent::postDelete($storage, $entities);
        $alias_manager = \Drupal::service('path_alias.manager');
        foreach ($entities as $entity) {
     * {@inheritdoc}
    public function getPath() {
        return $this->get('path')->value;
     * {@inheritdoc}
    public function setPath($path) {
        $this->set('path', $path);
        return $this;
     * {@inheritdoc}
    public function getAlias() {
        return $this->get('alias')->value;
     * {@inheritdoc}
    public function setAlias($alias) {
        $this->set('alias', $alias);
        return $this;
     * {@inheritdoc}
    public function label() {
        return $this->getAlias();
     * {@inheritdoc}
    public function getCacheTagsToInvalidate() {
        return [



Title Sort descending Modifiers Object type Summary Member alias Overriden Title Overrides
CacheableDependencyTrait::$cacheContexts protected property Cache contexts.
CacheableDependencyTrait::$cacheMaxAge protected property Cache max-age.
CacheableDependencyTrait::$cacheTags protected property Cache tags.
CacheableDependencyTrait::setCacheability protected function Sets cacheability; useful for value object constructors.
ContentEntityBase::$activeLangcode protected property Language code identifying the entity active language.
ContentEntityBase::$defaultLangcode protected property Local cache for the default language code.
ContentEntityBase::$defaultLangcodeKey protected property The default langcode entity key.
ContentEntityBase::$enforceDefaultTranslation protected property Override the result of isDefaultTranslation().
ContentEntityBase::$enforceRevisionTranslationAffected protected property Whether the revision translation affected flag has been enforced.
ContentEntityBase::$entityKeys protected property Holds untranslatable entity keys such as the ID, bundle, and revision ID.
ContentEntityBase::$fieldDefinitions protected property Local cache for field definitions.
ContentEntityBase::$fields protected property The array of fields, each being an instance of FieldItemListInterface.
ContentEntityBase::$fieldsToSkipFromTranslationChangesCheck protected static property Local cache for fields to skip from the checking for translation changes.
ContentEntityBase::$isDefaultRevision protected property Indicates whether this is the default revision.
ContentEntityBase::$langcodeKey protected property The language entity key.
ContentEntityBase::$languages protected property Local cache for the available language objects.
ContentEntityBase::$loadedRevisionId protected property The loaded revision ID before the new revision was set.
ContentEntityBase::$newRevision protected property Boolean indicating whether a new revision should be created on save.
ContentEntityBase::$revisionTranslationAffectedKey protected property The revision translation affected entity key.
ContentEntityBase::$translatableEntityKeys protected property Holds translatable entity keys such as the label.
ContentEntityBase::$translationInitialize protected property A flag indicating whether a translation object is being initialized.
ContentEntityBase::$translations protected property An array of entity translation metadata.
ContentEntityBase::$validated protected property Whether entity validation was performed.
ContentEntityBase::$validationRequired protected property Whether entity validation is required before saving the entity.
ContentEntityBase::$values protected property The plain data values of the contained fields.
ContentEntityBase::access public function Checks data value access. Overrides EntityBase::access 1
ContentEntityBase::addTranslation public function
ContentEntityBase::bundle public function Gets the bundle of the entity. Overrides EntityBase::bundle
ContentEntityBase::bundleFieldDefinitions public static function 5
ContentEntityBase::clearTranslationCache protected function Clears entity translation object cache to remove stale references.
ContentEntityBase::create public static function Constructs a new entity object, without permanently saving it. Overrides EntityBase::create
ContentEntityBase::createDuplicate public function Creates a duplicate of the entity. Overrides EntityBase::createDuplicate 1
ContentEntityBase::get public function
ContentEntityBase::getEntityKey protected function Gets the value of the given entity key, if defined. 1
ContentEntityBase::getFieldDefinition public function
ContentEntityBase::getFieldDefinitions public function
ContentEntityBase::getFields public function
ContentEntityBase::getFieldsToSkipFromTranslationChangesCheck protected function Returns an array of field names to skip in ::hasTranslationChanges. 1
ContentEntityBase::getIterator public function
ContentEntityBase::getLanguages protected function
ContentEntityBase::getLoadedRevisionId public function
ContentEntityBase::getRevisionId public function
ContentEntityBase::getTranslatableFields public function
ContentEntityBase::getTranslatedField protected function Gets a translated field.
ContentEntityBase::getTranslation public function
ContentEntityBase::getTranslationLanguages public function
ContentEntityBase::getTranslationStatus public function Returns the translation status. Overrides TranslationStatusInterface::getTranslationStatus
ContentEntityBase::getUntranslated public function
ContentEntityBase::hasField public function
ContentEntityBase::hasTranslation public function
ContentEntityBase::hasTranslationChanges public function
ContentEntityBase::id public function Gets the identifier. Overrides EntityBase::id
ContentEntityBase::initializeTranslation protected function Instantiates a translation object for an existing translation.
ContentEntityBase::isDefaultRevision public function
ContentEntityBase::isDefaultTranslation public function
ContentEntityBase::isDefaultTranslationAffectedOnly public function
ContentEntityBase::isLatestRevision public function
ContentEntityBase::isLatestTranslationAffectedRevision public function
ContentEntityBase::isNewRevision public function
ContentEntityBase::isNewTranslation public function
ContentEntityBase::isRevisionTranslationAffected public function
ContentEntityBase::isRevisionTranslationAffectedEnforced public function
ContentEntityBase::isTranslatable public function
ContentEntityBase::isValidationRequired public function
ContentEntityBase::language public function Gets the language of the entity. Overrides EntityBase::language
ContentEntityBase::onChange public function
ContentEntityBase::postCreate public function Acts on a created entity before hooks are invoked. Overrides EntityBase::postCreate 1
ContentEntityBase::preSaveRevision public function 3
ContentEntityBase::referencedEntities public function Gets a list of entities referenced by this entity. Overrides EntityBase::referencedEntities 1
ContentEntityBase::removeTranslation public function
ContentEntityBase::set public function
ContentEntityBase::setDefaultLangcode protected function Populates the local cache for the default language code.
ContentEntityBase::setDefaultTranslationEnforced public function Set or clear an override of the isDefaultTranslation() result.
ContentEntityBase::setNewRevision public function
ContentEntityBase::setRevisionTranslationAffected public function
ContentEntityBase::setRevisionTranslationAffectedEnforced public function
ContentEntityBase::setValidationRequired public function
ContentEntityBase::toArray public function Gets an array of all property values. Overrides EntityBase::toArray
ContentEntityBase::updateFieldLangcodes protected function Updates language for already instantiated fields.
ContentEntityBase::updateLoadedRevisionId public function
ContentEntityBase::updateOriginalValues public function Updates the original values with the interim changes.
ContentEntityBase::uuid public function Gets the entity UUID (Universally Unique Identifier). Overrides EntityBase::uuid
ContentEntityBase::validate public function 1
ContentEntityBase::wasDefaultRevision public function
ContentEntityBase::__clone public function Magic method: Implements a deep clone.
ContentEntityBase::__construct public function Constructs an Entity object. Overrides EntityBase::__construct
ContentEntityBase::__get public function Implements the magic method for getting object properties.
ContentEntityBase::__isset public function Implements the magic method for isset().
ContentEntityBase::__set public function Implements the magic method for setting object properties.
ContentEntityBase::__sleep public function Overrides EntityBase::__sleep
ContentEntityBase::__unset public function Implements the magic method for unset().
DependencySerializationTrait::$_entityStorages protected property
DependencySerializationTrait::$_serviceIds protected property
DependencySerializationTrait::__sleep public function Aliased as: traitSleep 1
DependencySerializationTrait::__wakeup public function 2
EntityBase::$enforceIsNew protected property Boolean indicating whether the entity should be forced to be new.
EntityBase::$entityTypeId protected property The entity type.
EntityBase::$typedData protected property A typed data object wrapping this entity.
EntityBase::delete public function Deletes an entity permanently. Overrides EntityInterface::delete 1
EntityBase::enforceIsNew public function Enforces an entity to be new. Overrides EntityInterface::enforceIsNew
EntityBase::entityTypeBundleInfo protected function Gets the entity type bundle info service.
EntityBase::entityTypeManager protected function Gets the entity type manager.
EntityBase::getCacheContexts public function The cache contexts associated with this object. Overrides CacheableDependencyTrait::getCacheContexts
EntityBase::getCacheMaxAge public function The maximum age for which this object may be cached. Overrides CacheableDependencyTrait::getCacheMaxAge
EntityBase::getCacheTags public function The cache tags associated with this object. Overrides CacheableDependencyTrait::getCacheTags
EntityBase::getConfigDependencyKey public function Gets the key that is used to store configuration dependencies. Overrides EntityInterface::getConfigDependencyKey
EntityBase::getConfigDependencyName public function Gets the configuration dependency name. Overrides EntityInterface::getConfigDependencyName 1
EntityBase::getConfigTarget public function Gets the configuration target identifier for the entity. Overrides EntityInterface::getConfigTarget 1
EntityBase::getEntityType public function Gets the entity type definition. Overrides EntityInterface::getEntityType
EntityBase::getEntityTypeId public function Gets the ID of the type of the entity. Overrides EntityInterface::getEntityTypeId
EntityBase::getListCacheTagsToInvalidate protected function The list cache tags to invalidate for this entity.
EntityBase::getOriginalId public function Gets the original ID. Overrides EntityInterface::getOriginalId 1
EntityBase::getTypedData public function Gets a typed data object for this entity object. Overrides EntityInterface::getTypedData
EntityBase::getTypedDataClass private function Returns the typed data class name for this entity.
EntityBase::hasLinkTemplate public function Indicates if a link template exists for a given key. Overrides EntityInterface::hasLinkTemplate
EntityBase::invalidateTagsOnDelete protected static function Invalidates an entity's cache tags upon delete. 1
EntityBase::invalidateTagsOnSave protected function Invalidates an entity's cache tags upon save. 2
EntityBase::isNew public function Determines whether the entity is new. Overrides EntityInterface::isNew 2
EntityBase::languageManager protected function Gets the language manager.
EntityBase::linkTemplates protected function Gets an array link templates. 1
EntityBase::load public static function Loads an entity. Overrides EntityInterface::load
EntityBase::loadMultiple public static function Loads one or more entities. Overrides EntityInterface::loadMultiple
EntityBase::postLoad public static function Acts on loaded entities. Overrides EntityInterface::postLoad 3
EntityBase::preCreate public static function Changes the values of an entity before it is created. Overrides EntityInterface::preCreate 6
EntityBase::preDelete public static function Acts on entities before they are deleted and before hooks are invoked. Overrides EntityInterface::preDelete 7
EntityBase::save public function Saves an entity permanently. Overrides EntityInterface::save 3
EntityBase::setOriginalId public function Sets the original ID. Overrides EntityInterface::setOriginalId 1
EntityBase::toLink public function Generates the HTML for a link to this entity. Overrides EntityInterface::toLink
EntityBase::toUrl public function Gets the URL object for the entity. Overrides EntityInterface::toUrl 2
EntityBase::uriRelationships public function Gets a list of URI relationships supported by this entity. Overrides EntityInterface::uriRelationships
EntityBase::urlRouteParameters protected function Gets an array of placeholders for this entity. 2
EntityBase::uuidGenerator protected function Gets the UUID generator.
EntityChangesDetectionTrait::getFieldsToSkipFromTranslationChangesCheck protected function Returns an array of field names to skip when checking for changes. Aliased as: traitGetFieldsToSkipFromTranslationChangesCheck
EntityPublishedTrait::isPublished public function
EntityPublishedTrait::publishedBaseFieldDefinitions public static function Returns an array of base field definitions for publishing status.
EntityPublishedTrait::setPublished public function
EntityPublishedTrait::setUnpublished public function
PathAlias::baseFieldDefinitions public static function Overrides ContentEntityBase::baseFieldDefinitions
PathAlias::getAlias public function Gets the alias for this path. Overrides PathAliasInterface::getAlias
PathAlias::getCacheTagsToInvalidate public function Returns the cache tags that should be used to invalidate caches. Overrides EntityBase::getCacheTagsToInvalidate
PathAlias::getPath public function Gets the source path of the alias. Overrides PathAliasInterface::getPath
PathAlias::label public function Gets the label of the entity. Overrides ContentEntityBase::label
PathAlias::postDelete public static function Acts on deleted entities before the delete hook is invoked. Overrides EntityBase::postDelete
PathAlias::postSave public function Acts on a saved entity before the insert or update hook is invoked. Overrides ContentEntityBase::postSave
PathAlias::preSave public function Acts on an entity before the presave hook is invoked. Overrides ContentEntityBase::preSave
PathAlias::setAlias public function Sets the alias for this path. Overrides PathAliasInterface::setAlias
PathAlias::setPath public function Sets the source path of the alias. Overrides PathAliasInterface::setPath
RefinableCacheableDependencyTrait::addCacheableDependency public function 1
RefinableCacheableDependencyTrait::addCacheContexts public function
RefinableCacheableDependencyTrait::addCacheTags public function
RefinableCacheableDependencyTrait::mergeCacheMaxAge public function
SynchronizableEntityTrait::$isSyncing protected property Is entity being created updated or deleted through synchronization process.
SynchronizableEntityTrait::isSyncing public function
SynchronizableEntityTrait::setSyncing public function
TranslationStatusInterface::TRANSLATION_CREATED constant Status code identifying a newly created translation.
TranslationStatusInterface::TRANSLATION_EXISTING constant Status code identifying an existing translation.
TranslationStatusInterface::TRANSLATION_REMOVED constant Status code identifying a removed translation.

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