class SkipRowIfNotSet

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  1. 9 core/modules/migrate/src/Plugin/migrate/process/SkipRowIfNotSet.php \Drupal\migrate\Plugin\migrate\process\SkipRowIfNotSet
  2. 8.9.x core/modules/migrate/src/Plugin/migrate/process/SkipRowIfNotSet.php \Drupal\migrate\Plugin\migrate\process\SkipRowIfNotSet
  3. 10 core/modules/migrate/src/Plugin/migrate/process/SkipRowIfNotSet.php \Drupal\migrate\Plugin\migrate\process\SkipRowIfNotSet

Skips processing the current row when a source value is not set.

The skip_row_if_not_set process plugin checks whether a value is set. If the value is set, it is returned. Otherwise, a MigrateSkipRowException is thrown.

Available configuration keys:

  • index: The source property to check for.
  • message: (optional) A message to be logged in the {migrate_message_*} table for this row. If not set, nothing is logged in the message table.


     # Check if the "contact" key exists in the "data" array.
     plugin: skip_row_if_not_set
     index: contact
     source: data
     message: "Missed the 'data' key"

This will return $data['contact'] if it exists. Otherwise, the row will be skipped and the message "Missed the 'data' key" will be logged in the message table.


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SkipRowIfNotSetTest.php in core/modules/migrate/tests/src/Unit/process/SkipRowIfNotSetTest.php


core/modules/migrate/src/Plugin/migrate/process/SkipRowIfNotSet.php, line 41


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class SkipRowIfNotSet extends ProcessPluginBase {
     * {@inheritdoc}
    public function transform($value, MigrateExecutableInterface $migrate_executable, Row $row, $destination_property) {
        if (!isset($value[$this->configuration['index']])) {
            $message = !empty($this->configuration['message']) ? $this->configuration['message'] : '';
            throw new MigrateSkipRowException($message);
        return $value[$this->configuration['index']];



Title Sort descending Modifiers Object type Summary Overriden Title Overrides
PluginInspectionInterface::getPluginDefinition public function Gets the definition of the plugin implementation. 6
PluginInspectionInterface::getPluginId public function Gets the plugin_id of the plugin instance. 2
ProcessPluginBase::$stopPipeline protected property Determines if processing of the pipeline is stopped.
ProcessPluginBase::isPipelineStopped public function Determines if the pipeline should stop processing. Overrides MigrateProcessInterface::isPipelineStopped
ProcessPluginBase::multiple public function Indicates whether the returned value requires multiple handling. Overrides MigrateProcessInterface::multiple 3
ProcessPluginBase::reset public function Resets the internal data of a plugin. Overrides MigrateProcessInterface::reset
ProcessPluginBase::stopPipeline protected function Stops pipeline processing after this plugin finishes.
SkipRowIfNotSet::transform public function Performs the associated process. Overrides ProcessPluginBase::transform

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