class ListFloatItem

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  1. 8.9.x core/modules/options/src/Plugin/Field/FieldType/ListFloatItem.php \Drupal\options\Plugin\Field\FieldType\ListFloatItem
  2. 10 core/modules/options/src/Plugin/Field/FieldType/ListFloatItem.php \Drupal\options\Plugin\Field\FieldType\ListFloatItem
  3. 11.x core/modules/options/src/Plugin/Field/FieldType/ListFloatItem.php \Drupal\options\Plugin\Field\FieldType\ListFloatItem

Plugin implementation of the 'list_float' field type.

Plugin annotation

  id = "list_float",
  label = @Translation("List (float)"),
  description = @Translation("This field stores float values from a list of allowed 'value => label' pairs, i.e. 'Fraction': 0 => 0, .25 => 1/4, .75 => 3/4, 1 => 1."),
  category = @Translation("Number"),
  default_widget = "options_select",
  default_formatter = "list_default",


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core/modules/options/src/Plugin/Field/FieldType/ListFloatItem.php, line 22


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class ListFloatItem extends ListItemBase {
     * {@inheritdoc}
    public static function propertyDefinitions(FieldStorageDefinitionInterface $field_definition) {
        $properties['value'] = DataDefinition::create('float')->setLabel(new TranslatableMarkup('Float value'))
        return $properties;
     * {@inheritdoc}
    public static function schema(FieldStorageDefinitionInterface $field_definition) {
        return [
            'columns' => [
                'value' => [
                    'type' => 'float',
            'indexes' => [
                'value' => [
     * {@inheritdoc}
    protected function allowedValuesDescription() {
        $description = '<p>' . $this->t('The possible values this field can contain. Enter one value per line, in the format key|label.');
        $description .= '<br/>' . $this->t('The key is the stored value, and must be numeric. The label will be used in displayed values and edit forms.');
        $description .= '<br/>' . $this->t('The label is optional: if a line contains a single number, it will be used as key and label.');
        $description .= '<br/>' . $this->t('Lists of labels are also accepted (one label per line), only if the field does not hold any values yet. Numeric keys will be automatically generated from the positions in the list.');
        $description .= '</p>';
        $description .= '<p>' . $this->t('Allowed HTML tags in labels: @tags', [
            '@tags' => FieldFilteredMarkup::displayAllowedTags(),
        ]) . '</p>';
        return $description;
     * {@inheritdoc}
    protected static function extractAllowedValues($string, $has_data) {
        $values = parent::extractAllowedValues($string, $has_data);
        if ($values) {
            $keys = array_keys($values);
            $labels = array_values($values);
            $keys = array_map(function ($key) {
                // Float keys are represented as strings and need to be disambiguated
                // ('.5' is '0.5').
                return is_numeric($key) ? (string) (double) $key : $key;
            }, $keys);
            return array_combine($keys, $labels);
     * {@inheritdoc}
    protected static function validateAllowedValue($option) {
        if (!is_numeric($option)) {
            return new TranslatableMarkup('Allowed values list: each key must be a valid integer or decimal.');
     * {@inheritdoc}
    public static function simplifyAllowedValues(array $structured_values) {
        $values = [];
        foreach ($structured_values as $item) {
            // Nested elements are embedded in the label.
            if (is_array($item['label'])) {
                $item['label'] = static::simplifyAllowedValues($item['label']);
            // Cast the value to a float first so that .5 and 0.5 are the same value
            // and then cast to a string so that values like 0.5 can be used as array
            // keys.
            // @see
            $values[(string) (double) $item['value']] = $item['label'];
        return $values;
     * {@inheritdoc}
    protected static function castAllowedValue($value) {
        return (double) $value;



Title Sort descending Modifiers Object type Summary Overriden Title Overrides
DependencySerializationTrait::$_entityStorages protected property
DependencySerializationTrait::$_serviceIds protected property
DependencySerializationTrait::__sleep public function 1
DependencySerializationTrait::__wakeup public function 2
FieldItemBase::calculateDependencies public static function Calculates dependencies for field items. Overrides FieldItemInterface::calculateDependencies 2
FieldItemBase::calculateStorageDependencies public static function Calculates dependencies for field items on the storage level. Overrides FieldItemInterface::calculateStorageDependencies 1
FieldItemBase::defaultFieldSettings public static function Defines the field-level settings for this plugin. Overrides FieldItemInterface::defaultFieldSettings 7
FieldItemBase::delete public function Defines custom delete behavior for field values. Overrides FieldItemInterface::delete 2
FieldItemBase::deleteRevision public function Defines custom revision delete behavior for field values. Overrides FieldItemInterface::deleteRevision
FieldItemBase::fieldSettingsForm public function Returns a form for the field-level settings. Overrides FieldItemInterface::fieldSettingsForm 7
FieldItemBase::fieldSettingsFromConfigData public static function Returns a settings array in the field type&#039;s canonical representation. Overrides FieldItemInterface::fieldSettingsFromConfigData 1
FieldItemBase::fieldSettingsToConfigData public static function Returns a settings array that can be stored as a configuration value. Overrides FieldItemInterface::fieldSettingsToConfigData 1
FieldItemBase::getEntity public function Gets the entity that field belongs to. Overrides FieldItemInterface::getEntity
FieldItemBase::getFieldDefinition public function Gets the field definition. Overrides FieldItemInterface::getFieldDefinition
FieldItemBase::getLangcode public function Gets the langcode of the field values held in the object. Overrides FieldItemInterface::getLangcode
FieldItemBase::getSetting protected function Returns the value of a field setting.
FieldItemBase::getSettings protected function Returns the array of field settings.
FieldItemBase::mainPropertyName public static function Returns the name of the main property, if any. Overrides FieldItemInterface::mainPropertyName 8
FieldItemBase::onDependencyRemoval public static function Informs the plugin that a dependency of the field will be deleted. Overrides FieldItemInterface::onDependencyRemoval 1
FieldItemBase::postSave public function Defines custom post-save behavior for field values. Overrides FieldItemInterface::postSave 2
FieldItemBase::preSave public function Defines custom presave behavior for field values. Overrides FieldItemInterface::preSave 7
FieldItemBase::setValue public function Overrides \Drupal\Core\TypedData\TypedData::setValue(). Overrides Map::setValue 4
FieldItemBase::view public function Returns a renderable array for a single field item. Overrides FieldItemInterface::view
FieldItemBase::writePropertyValue protected function Different to the parent Map class, we avoid creating property objects as
far as possible in order to optimize performance. Thus we just update
$this-&gt;values if no property object has been created yet.
Overrides Map::writePropertyValue
FieldItemBase::__construct public function Constructs a TypedData object given its definition and context. Overrides TypedData::__construct 1
FieldItemBase::__get public function Magic method: Gets a property value. Overrides FieldItemInterface::__get 2
FieldItemBase::__isset public function Magic method: Determines whether a property is set. Overrides FieldItemInterface::__isset
FieldItemBase::__set public function Magic method: Sets a property value. Overrides FieldItemInterface::__set 1
FieldItemBase::__unset public function Magic method: Unsets a property. Overrides FieldItemInterface::__unset
ListFloatItem::allowedValuesDescription protected function Provides the field type specific allowed values form element #description. Overrides ListItemBase::allowedValuesDescription
ListFloatItem::castAllowedValue protected static function Converts a value to the correct type. Overrides ListItemBase::castAllowedValue
ListFloatItem::extractAllowedValues protected static function Extracts the allowed values array from the allowed_values element. Overrides ListItemBase::extractAllowedValues
ListFloatItem::propertyDefinitions public static function Defines field item properties. Overrides FieldItemInterface::propertyDefinitions
ListFloatItem::schema public static function Returns the schema for the field. Overrides FieldItemInterface::schema
ListFloatItem::simplifyAllowedValues public static function Simplifies allowed values to a key-value array from the structured array. Overrides ListItemBase::simplifyAllowedValues
ListFloatItem::validateAllowedValue protected static function Checks whether a candidate allowed value is valid. Overrides ListItemBase::validateAllowedValue
ListItemBase::allowedValuesString protected function Generates a string representation of an array of &#039;allowed values&#039;.
ListItemBase::defaultStorageSettings public static function Defines the storage-level settings for this plugin. Overrides FieldItemBase::defaultStorageSettings
ListItemBase::generateSampleValue public static function Generates placeholder field values. Overrides FieldItemBase::generateSampleValue
ListItemBase::getPossibleOptions public function Returns an array of possible values with labels for display. Overrides OptionsProviderInterface::getPossibleOptions
ListItemBase::getPossibleValues public function Returns an array of possible values. Overrides OptionsProviderInterface::getPossibleValues
ListItemBase::getSettableOptions public function Returns an array of settable values with labels for display. Overrides OptionsProviderInterface::getSettableOptions
ListItemBase::getSettableValues public function Returns an array of settable values. Overrides OptionsProviderInterface::getSettableValues
ListItemBase::isEmpty public function Determines whether the data structure is empty. Overrides Map::isEmpty
ListItemBase::storageSettingsForm public function Returns a form for the storage-level settings. Overrides FieldItemBase::storageSettingsForm
ListItemBase::storageSettingsFromConfigData public static function Returns a settings array in the field type&#039;s canonical representation. Overrides FieldItemBase::storageSettingsFromConfigData
ListItemBase::storageSettingsToConfigData public static function Returns a settings array that can be stored as a configuration value. Overrides FieldItemBase::storageSettingsToConfigData
ListItemBase::structureAllowedValues protected static function Creates a structured array of allowed values from a key-value array.
ListItemBase::validateAllowedValues public static function #element_validate callback for options field allowed values.
Map::$definition protected property The data definition. Overrides TypedData::$definition
Map::$properties protected property The array of properties.
Map::$values protected property An array of values for the contained properties.
Map::applyDefaultValue public function Applies the default value. Overrides TypedData::applyDefaultValue 4
Map::get public function Gets a property object. Overrides ComplexDataInterface::get
Map::getIterator public function
Map::getProperties public function Gets an array of property objects. Overrides ComplexDataInterface::getProperties
Map::getString public function Returns a string representation of the data. Overrides TypedData::getString
Map::getValue public function Gets the data value. Overrides TypedData::getValue 1
Map::onChange public function Overrides TraversableTypedDataInterface::onChange 4
Map::set public function Sets a property value. Overrides ComplexDataInterface::set
Map::toArray public function Returns an array of all property values. Overrides ComplexDataInterface::toArray 1
Map::__clone public function Magic method: Implements a deep clone.
StringTranslationTrait::$stringTranslation protected property The string translation service. 3
StringTranslationTrait::formatPlural protected function Formats a string containing a count of items.
StringTranslationTrait::getNumberOfPlurals protected function Returns the number of plurals supported by a given language.
StringTranslationTrait::getStringTranslation protected function Gets the string translation service.
StringTranslationTrait::setStringTranslation public function Sets the string translation service to use. 2
StringTranslationTrait::t protected function Translates a string to the current language or to a given language.
TypedData::$name protected property The property name.
TypedData::$parent protected property The parent typed data object.
TypedData::createInstance public static function Constructs a TypedData object given its definition and context. Overrides TypedDataInterface::createInstance
TypedData::getConstraints public function Gets a list of validation constraints. Overrides TypedDataInterface::getConstraints 9
TypedData::getDataDefinition public function Gets the data definition. Overrides TypedDataInterface::getDataDefinition
TypedData::getName public function Returns the name of a property or item. Overrides TypedDataInterface::getName
TypedData::getParent public function Returns the parent data structure; i.e. either complex data or a list. Overrides TypedDataInterface::getParent
TypedData::getPluginDefinition public function Gets the definition of the plugin implementation. Overrides PluginInspectionInterface::getPluginDefinition
TypedData::getPluginId public function Gets the plugin_id of the plugin instance. Overrides PluginInspectionInterface::getPluginId
TypedData::getPropertyPath public function Returns the property path of the data. Overrides TypedDataInterface::getPropertyPath
TypedData::getRoot public function Returns the root of the typed data tree. Overrides TypedDataInterface::getRoot
TypedData::setContext public function Sets the context of a property or item via a context aware parent. Overrides TypedDataInterface::setContext
TypedData::validate public function Validates the currently set data value. Overrides TypedDataInterface::validate
TypedDataTrait::$typedDataManager protected property The typed data manager used for creating the data types.
TypedDataTrait::getTypedDataManager public function Gets the typed data manager. 2
TypedDataTrait::setTypedDataManager public function Sets the typed data manager. 2

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