class PerformanceTestBase

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Collects performance metrics.


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class PerformanceTestBase extends WebDriverTestBase {
    use PerformanceTestTrait;
     * {@inheritdoc}
    protected static $modules = [
     * {@inheritdoc}
    protected function setUp() : void {
     * {@inheritdoc}
    protected function prepareEnvironment() {
        $db = Database::getConnection();
        $test_file_name = (new \ReflectionClass($this))->getFileName();
        $is_core_test = str_starts_with($test_file_name, DRUPAL_ROOT . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR . 'core');
        if ($db->databaseType() !== 'mysql' && $is_core_test) {
            $this->markTestSkipped('Drupal core performance tests only run on MySQL');
     * {@inheritdoc}
    protected function installModulesFromClassProperty(ContainerInterface $container) {
     * {@inheritdoc}
    protected function getMinkDriverArgs() {
        return $this->doGetMinkDriverArgs();



Title Sort descending Modifiers Object type Summary Member alias Overriden Title Overrides
BlockCreationTrait::placeBlock protected function Creates a block instance based on default settings. Aliased as: drupalPlaceBlock
BrowserHtmlDebugTrait::$htmlOutputBaseUrl protected property The Base URI to use for links to the output files.
BrowserHtmlDebugTrait::$htmlOutputClassName protected property Class name for HTML output logging.
BrowserHtmlDebugTrait::$htmlOutputCounter protected property Counter for HTML output logging.
BrowserHtmlDebugTrait::$htmlOutputCounterStorage protected property Counter storage for HTML output logging.
BrowserHtmlDebugTrait::$htmlOutputDirectory protected property Directory name for HTML output logging.
BrowserHtmlDebugTrait::$htmlOutputEnabled protected property HTML output enabled.
BrowserHtmlDebugTrait::$htmlOutputTestId protected property HTML output test ID.
BrowserHtmlDebugTrait::formatHtmlOutputHeaders protected function Formats HTTP headers as string for HTML output logging.
BrowserHtmlDebugTrait::getResponseLogHandler protected function Provides a Guzzle middleware handler to log every response received.
BrowserHtmlDebugTrait::htmlOutput protected function Logs a HTML output message in a text file.
BrowserHtmlDebugTrait::initBrowserOutputFile protected function Creates the directory to store browser output.
BrowserTestBase::$baseUrl protected property The base URL.
BrowserTestBase::$configImporter protected property The config importer that can be used in a test.
BrowserTestBase::$customTranslations protected property An array of custom translations suitable for SettingsEditor::rewrite().
BrowserTestBase::$defaultTheme protected property The theme to install as the default for testing. 1562
BrowserTestBase::$mink protected property Mink session manager.
BrowserTestBase::$minkDefaultDriverArgs protected property Mink default driver params.
BrowserTestBase::$originalContainer protected property The original container.
BrowserTestBase::$originalShutdownCallbacks protected property The original array of shutdown function callbacks.
BrowserTestBase::$profile protected property The profile to install as a basis for testing. 40
BrowserTestBase::$timeLimit protected property Time limit in seconds for the test.
BrowserTestBase::$translationFilesDirectory protected property The translation file directory for the test environment.
BrowserTestBase::cleanupEnvironment protected function Clean up the test environment.
BrowserTestBase::config protected function Configuration accessor for tests. Returns non-overridden configuration.
BrowserTestBase::filePreDeleteCallback public static function Ensures test files are deletable.
BrowserTestBase::getDefaultDriverInstance protected function Gets an instance of the default Mink driver.
BrowserTestBase::getHttpClient protected function Obtain the HTTP client for the system under test.
BrowserTestBase::getOptions protected function Helper function to get the options of select field.
BrowserTestBase::getSession public function Returns Mink session.
BrowserTestBase::getSessionCookies protected function Get session cookies from current session.
BrowserTestBase::getTestMethodCaller protected function Retrieves the current calling line in the class under test. Overrides BrowserHtmlDebugTrait::getTestMethodCaller
BrowserTestBase::installDrupal public function Installs Drupal into the test site. 2
BrowserTestBase::registerSessions protected function Registers additional Mink sessions.
BrowserTestBase::setUpAppRoot protected function Sets up the root application path.
BrowserTestBase::setUpBeforeClass public static function 1
BrowserTestBase::translatePostValues protected function Transforms a nested array into a flat array suitable for submitForm().
BrowserTestBase::xpath protected function Performs an xpath search on the contents of the internal browser.
BrowserTestBase::__construct public function 1
BrowserTestBase::__sleep public function Prevents serializing any properties.
ConfigTestTrait::configImporter protected function Returns a ConfigImporter object to import test configuration.
ConfigTestTrait::copyConfig protected function Copies configuration objects from source storage to target storage.
ContentTypeCreationTrait::createContentType protected function Creates a custom content type based on default settings. Aliased as: drupalCreateContentType 1
ExpectDeprecationTrait::expectDeprecation public function Adds an expected deprecation.
ExpectDeprecationTrait::getCallableName private static function Returns a callable as a string suitable for inclusion in a message.
ExpectDeprecationTrait::setUpErrorHandler public function Sets up the test error handler.
ExpectDeprecationTrait::tearDownErrorHandler public function Tears down the test error handler.
ExtensionListTestTrait::getModulePath protected function Gets the path for the specified module.
ExtensionListTestTrait::getThemePath protected function Gets the path for the specified theme.
FunctionalTestSetupTrait::$apcuEnsureUniquePrefix protected property The flag to set 'apcu_ensure_unique_prefix' setting. 1
FunctionalTestSetupTrait::$classLoader protected property The class loader to use for installation and initialization of setup.
FunctionalTestSetupTrait::$rootUser protected property The "#1" admin user.
FunctionalTestSetupTrait::$usesSuperUserAccessPolicy protected property Set to TRUE to make user 1 a super user. 19
FunctionalTestSetupTrait::doInstall protected function Execute the non-interactive installer. 1
FunctionalTestSetupTrait::getDatabaseTypes protected function Returns all supported database driver installer objects.
FunctionalTestSetupTrait::initConfig protected function Initialize various configurations post-installation. 1
FunctionalTestSetupTrait::initKernel protected function Initializes the kernel after installation.
FunctionalTestSetupTrait::initSettings protected function Initialize settings created during install.
FunctionalTestSetupTrait::initUserSession protected function Initializes user 1 for the site to be installed.
FunctionalTestSetupTrait::installDefaultThemeFromClassProperty protected function Installs the default theme defined by `static::$defaultTheme` when needed. 1
FunctionalTestSetupTrait::installParameters protected function Returns the parameters that will be used when the test installs Drupal. 8
FunctionalTestSetupTrait::prepareRequestForGenerator protected function Creates a mock request and sets it on the generator.
FunctionalTestSetupTrait::prepareSettings protected function Prepares site settings and services before installation. 4
FunctionalTestSetupTrait::rebuildAll protected function Resets and rebuilds the environment after setup.
FunctionalTestSetupTrait::rebuildContainer protected function Rebuilds \Drupal::getContainer().
FunctionalTestSetupTrait::resetAll protected function Resets all data structures after having enabled new modules.
FunctionalTestSetupTrait::setContainerParameter protected function Changes parameters in the services.yml file.
FunctionalTestSetupTrait::setupBaseUrl protected function Sets up the base URL based upon the environment variable.
FunctionalTestSetupTrait::writeSettings protected function Rewrites the settings.php file of the test site. 1
NodeCreationTrait::createNode protected function Creates a node based on default settings. Aliased as: drupalCreateNode
NodeCreationTrait::getNodeByTitle public function Get a node from the database based on its title. Aliased as: drupalGetNodeByTitle
PerformanceTestBase::$modules protected static property Modules to enable. Overrides BrowserTestBase::$modules
PerformanceTestBase::getMinkDriverArgs protected function Gets the Mink driver args from an environment variable. Overrides WebDriverTestBase::getMinkDriverArgs
PerformanceTestBase::installModulesFromClassProperty protected function Install modules defined by `static::$modules`. Overrides WebDriverTestBase::installModulesFromClassProperty
PerformanceTestBase::prepareEnvironment protected function Prepares the current environment for running the test. Overrides FunctionalTestSetupTrait::prepareEnvironment
PerformanceTestBase::setUp protected function Overrides BrowserTestBase::setUp 2
PerformanceTestTrait::assertCountBetween protected function Asserts that a count is between a min and max inclusively.
PerformanceTestTrait::collectNetworkData private function Prepares data for assertions.
PerformanceTestTrait::collectPerformanceData public function Executes a callable and collects performance data.
PerformanceTestTrait::doGetMinkDriverArgs private function Helper for ::getMinkDriverArgs().
PerformanceTestTrait::doInstallModulesFromClassProperty private function Helper for ::installModulesFromClassProperty().
PerformanceTestTrait::doSetUpTasks private function Helper for ::setUp().
PerformanceTestTrait::isDatabaseCache protected static function Checks whether a database event is from the database cache implementation.
PerformanceTestTrait::logQuery protected static function Logs a query in the performance data.
PerformanceTestTrait::openTelemetryTracing private function Sends metrics to OpenTelemetry.
PerformanceTestTrait::processChromeDriverPerformanceLogs protected function Gets the chromedriver performance log and extracts metrics from it.
PerformanceTestTrait::quoteQueryArgs protected static function Wraps query arguments in double quotes if they're a string.
RandomGeneratorTrait::getRandomGenerator protected function Gets the random generator for the utility methods.
RandomGeneratorTrait::randomMachineName protected function Generates a unique random string containing letters and numbers.
RandomGeneratorTrait::randomObject public function Generates a random PHP object.
RandomGeneratorTrait::randomString public function Generates a pseudo-random string of ASCII characters of codes 32 to 126.
RefreshVariablesTrait::refreshVariables protected function Refreshes in-memory configuration and state information. 2
SessionTestTrait::$sessionName protected property The name of the session cookie.
SessionTestTrait::generateSessionName protected function Generates a session cookie name.
SessionTestTrait::getSessionName protected function Returns the session name in use on the child site.
StorageCopyTrait::replaceStorageContents protected static function Copy the configuration from one storage to another and remove stale items.
TestRequirementsTrait::getDrupalRoot protected static function Returns the Drupal root directory.
TestSetupTrait::$configSchemaCheckerExclusions protected static property An array of config object names that are excluded from schema checking. 2
TestSetupTrait::$container protected property The dependency injection container used in the test.
TestSetupTrait::$databasePrefix protected property The database prefix of this test run.
TestSetupTrait::$kernel protected property The DrupalKernel instance used in the test.
TestSetupTrait::$originalSite protected property The site directory of the original parent site.
TestSetupTrait::$privateFilesDirectory protected property The private file directory for the test environment.
TestSetupTrait::$publicFilesDirectory protected property The public file directory for the test environment.
TestSetupTrait::$root protected property The app root.
TestSetupTrait::$siteDirectory protected property The site directory of this test run.
TestSetupTrait::$strictConfigSchema protected property Set to TRUE to strict check all configuration saved. 4
TestSetupTrait::$tempFilesDirectory protected property The temporary file directory for the test environment.
TestSetupTrait::$testId protected property The test run ID.
TestSetupTrait::changeDatabasePrefix protected function Changes the database connection to the prefixed one.
TestSetupTrait::getConfigSchemaExclusions protected function Gets the config schema exclusions for this test.
TestSetupTrait::prepareDatabasePrefix protected function Generates a database prefix for running tests. 1
UiHelperTrait::$loggedInUser protected property The current user logged in using the Mink controlled browser.
UiHelperTrait::$maximumMetaRefreshCount protected property The number of meta refresh redirects to follow, or NULL if unlimited.
UiHelperTrait::$metaRefreshCount protected property The number of meta refresh redirects followed during ::drupalGet().
UiHelperTrait::buildUrl protected function Builds an absolute URL from a system path or a URL object.
UiHelperTrait::checkForMetaRefresh protected function Checks for meta refresh tag and if found call drupalGet() recursively.
UiHelperTrait::click protected function Clicks the element with the given CSS selector.
UiHelperTrait::clickLink protected function Follows a link by complete name.
UiHelperTrait::cssSelect protected function Searches elements using a CSS selector in the raw content.
UiHelperTrait::cssSelectToXpath protected function Translates a CSS expression to its XPath equivalent.
UiHelperTrait::drupalGet protected function Retrieves a Drupal path or an absolute path. 3
UiHelperTrait::drupalLogin protected function Logs in a user using the Mink controlled browser.
UiHelperTrait::drupalLogout protected function Logs a user out of the Mink controlled browser and confirms.
UiHelperTrait::drupalResetSession protected function Resets the current active session back to Anonymous session.
UiHelperTrait::drupalUserIsLoggedIn protected function Returns whether a given user account is logged in.
UiHelperTrait::getAbsoluteUrl protected function Takes a path and returns an absolute path.
UiHelperTrait::getTextContent protected function Retrieves the plain-text content from the current page.
UiHelperTrait::getUrl protected function Get the current URL from the browser.
UiHelperTrait::isTestUsingGuzzleClient protected function Determines if test is using DrupalTestBrowser.
UiHelperTrait::prepareRequest protected function Prepare for a request to testing site. 1
UiHelperTrait::submitForm protected function Fills and submits a form.
UserCreationTrait::checkPermissions protected function Checks whether a given list of permission names is valid.
UserCreationTrait::createAdminRole protected function Creates an administrative role.
UserCreationTrait::createRole protected function Creates a role with specified permissions. Aliased as: drupalCreateRole
UserCreationTrait::createUser protected function Create a user with a given set of permissions. Aliased as: drupalCreateUser
UserCreationTrait::grantPermissions protected function Grant permissions to a user role.
UserCreationTrait::setCurrentUser protected function Switch the current logged in user.
UserCreationTrait::setUpCurrentUser protected function Creates a random user account and sets it as current user.
WebDriverTestBase::$disableCssAnimations protected property Disables CSS animations in tests for more reliable testing.
WebDriverTestBase::$failOnJavascriptConsoleErrors protected property Determines if a test should fail on JavaScript console errors. 2
WebDriverTestBase::$minkDefaultDriverClass protected property Mink class for the default driver to use. Overrides BrowserTestBase::$minkDefaultDriverClass
WebDriverTestBase::assertJsCondition protected function Waits for the given time or until the given JS condition becomes TRUE.
WebDriverTestBase::assertSession public function Returns WebAssert object. Overrides UiHelperTrait::assertSession
WebDriverTestBase::createScreenshot protected function Creates a screenshot.
WebDriverTestBase::failOnJavaScriptErrors protected function Triggers a test failure if a JavaScript error was encountered.
WebDriverTestBase::getDrupalSettings protected function Gets the current Drupal javascript settings and parses into an array. Overrides BrowserTestBase::getDrupalSettings
WebDriverTestBase::getHtmlOutputHeaders protected function Returns headers in HTML output format. Overrides BrowserHtmlDebugTrait::getHtmlOutputHeaders
WebDriverTestBase::initFrontPage protected function Visits the front page when initializing Mink. Overrides BrowserTestBase::initFrontPage
WebDriverTestBase::initMink protected function Initializes Mink sessions. Overrides BrowserTestBase::initMink
WebDriverTestBase::tearDown protected function Overrides BrowserTestBase::tearDown 1
XdebugRequestTrait::extractCookiesFromRequest protected function Adds xdebug cookies, from request setup.

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