class D7Comment

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  1. 8.9.x core/modules/comment/src/Plugin/migrate/D7Comment.php \Drupal\comment\Plugin\migrate\D7Comment
  2. 10 core/modules/comment/src/Plugin/migrate/D7Comment.php \Drupal\comment\Plugin\migrate\D7Comment
  3. 11.x core/modules/comment/src/Plugin/migrate/D7Comment.php \Drupal\comment\Plugin\migrate\D7Comment

Migration plugin for Drupal 7 comments with fields.


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2 string references to 'D7Comment'
d7_comment.yml in core/modules/comment/migrations/d7_comment.yml
d7_comment_entity_translation.yml in core/modules/content_translation/migrations/d7_comment_entity_translation.yml


core/modules/comment/src/Plugin/migrate/D7Comment.php, line 10


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class D7Comment extends FieldMigration {
     * {@inheritdoc}
    public function getProcess() {
        if (!$this->init) {
            $this->init = TRUE;
                ->addEntityFieldProcesses($this, 'comment');
        return parent::getProcess();



Title Sort descending Modifiers Object type Summary Overriden Title Overrides
D7Comment::getProcess public function Gets the normalized process plugin configuration. Overrides FieldMigration::getProcess
DerivativeInspectionInterface::getBaseId public function Gets the base_plugin_id of the plugin instance. 1
DerivativeInspectionInterface::getDerivativeId public function Gets the derivative_id of the plugin instance. 1
FieldMigration::$fieldDiscovery protected property The migration field discovery service.
FieldMigration::$init protected property Flag indicating whether the field data has been filled already.
FieldMigration::create public static function Creates an instance of the plugin. Overrides Migration::create
FieldMigration::__construct public function Constructs a FieldMigration. Overrides Migration::__construct
Migration::$audit protected property Whether the migration is auditable.
Migration::$dependencies protected property The migration's configuration dependencies.
Migration::$destination protected property The destination configuration, with at least a 'plugin' key.
Migration::$destinationIds protected property The destination identifiers.
Migration::$destinationPlugin protected property The destination plugin.
Migration::$destinationPluginManager protected property The destination plugin manager.
Migration::$id protected property The migration ID (machine name). 1
Migration::$idMap protected property The identifier map data.
Migration::$idMapPlugin protected property The identifier map.
Migration::$idMapPluginManager protected property The ID map plugin manager.
Migration::$label protected property The human-readable label for the migration.
Migration::$migrationPluginManager protected property The migration plugin manager for loading other migration plugins.
Migration::$migration_dependencies protected property These migrations, if run, must be executed before this migration.
Migration::$migration_tags protected property An optional list of tags, used by the plugin manager for filtering.
Migration::$process protected property The configuration describing the process plugins.
Migration::$processPluginManager protected property The process plugin manager.
Migration::$processPlugins protected property The cached process plugins.
Migration::$requirements protected property These migrations must be already executed before this migration can run.
Migration::$row protected property The plugin ID for the row.
Migration::$source protected property The source configuration, with at least a 'plugin' key.
Migration::$sourceIds protected property The source identifiers.
Migration::$sourcePlugin protected property The source plugin.
Migration::$sourcePluginManager protected property The source plugin manager.
Migration::$sourceRowStatus protected property The source_row_status for the current map row.
Migration::$statusLabels protected property Labels corresponding to each defined status.
Migration::$trackLastImported protected property Track time of last import if TRUE.
Migration::allRowsProcessed public function Check if all source rows from this migration have been processed. Overrides MigrationInterface::allRowsProcessed
Migration::checkRequirements public function Checks if requirements for this plugin are OK. Overrides RequirementsInterface::checkRequirements
Migration::clearInterruptionResult public function Clears the result to return upon interruption. Overrides MigrationInterface::clearInterruptionResult
Migration::findMigrationDependencies protected function Find migration dependencies from migration_lookup and sub_process plugins.
Migration::getDestinationConfiguration public function Get the destination configuration, with at least a 'plugin' key. Overrides MigrationInterface::getDestinationConfiguration
Migration::getDestinationIds public function The destination identifiers. Overrides MigrationInterface::getDestinationIds
Migration::getDestinationPlugin public function Returns the initialized destination plugin. Overrides MigrationInterface::getDestinationPlugin
Migration::getIdMap public function Returns the initialized id_map plugin. Overrides MigrationInterface::getIdMap
Migration::getIdMapPlugin public function Retrieves the ID map plugin.
Migration::getInterruptionResult public function Get the result to return upon interruption. Overrides MigrationInterface::getInterruptionResult
Migration::getMigrationDependencies public function Get the dependencies for this migration. Overrides MigrationInterface::getMigrationDependencies 1
Migration::getMigrationPluginManager protected function Gets the migration plugin manager.
Migration::getMigrationTags public function The migration tags. Overrides MigrationInterface::getMigrationTags
Migration::getPluginDefinition public function Gets the definition of the plugin implementation. Overrides PluginInspectionInterface::getPluginDefinition
Migration::getProcessNormalized protected function Resolve shorthands into a list of plugin configurations.
Migration::getProcessPlugins public function Returns the process plugins. Overrides MigrationInterface::getProcessPlugins
Migration::getRequirements public function Get a list of required plugin IDs. Overrides MigrationInterface::getRequirements
Migration::getSourceConfiguration public function Get the source configuration, with at least a 'plugin' key. Overrides MigrationInterface::getSourceConfiguration
Migration::getSourcePlugin public function Returns the initialized source plugin. Overrides MigrationInterface::getSourcePlugin
Migration::getStatus public function Get the current migration status. Overrides MigrationInterface::getStatus
Migration::getStatusLabel public function Retrieve a label for the current status. Overrides MigrationInterface::getStatusLabel
Migration::getTrackLastImported public function If true, track time of last import. Overrides MigrationInterface::getTrackLastImported
Migration::id public function An alias for getPluginId() for backwards compatibility reasons. Overrides MigrationInterface::id 1
Migration::interruptMigration public function Sets the migration status as interrupted with a given result code. Overrides MigrationInterface::interruptMigration
Migration::isAuditable public function Indicates if the migration is auditable. Overrides MigrationInterface::isAuditable
Migration::isTrackLastImported public function Checks if the migration should track time of last import. Overrides MigrationInterface::isTrackLastImported
Migration::label public function Get the plugin label. Overrides MigrationInterface::label
Migration::mergeProcessOfProperty public function Merge the process pipeline configuration for a single property. Overrides MigrationInterface::mergeProcessOfProperty
Migration::set public function 1
Migration::setProcess public function Allows you to override the entire process configuration. Overrides MigrationInterface::setProcess
Migration::setProcessOfProperty public function Set the process pipeline configuration for an individual destination field. Overrides MigrationInterface::setProcessOfProperty
Migration::setStatus public function Set the current migration status. Overrides MigrationInterface::setStatus
Migration::setTrackLastImported public function Set if the migration should track time of last import. Overrides MigrationInterface::setTrackLastImported
MigrationInterface::MESSAGE_ERROR constant Migration error.
MigrationInterface::MESSAGE_INFORMATIONAL constant Migration info.
MigrationInterface::MESSAGE_NOTICE constant Migration notice.
MigrationInterface::MESSAGE_WARNING constant Migration warning.
MigrationInterface::RESULT_COMPLETED constant All records have been processed.
MigrationInterface::RESULT_DISABLED constant This migration is disabled, skipping.
MigrationInterface::RESULT_FAILED constant The process had a fatal error.
MigrationInterface::RESULT_INCOMPLETE constant The process has stopped itself (e.g., the memory limit is approaching).
MigrationInterface::RESULT_SKIPPED constant Dependencies are unfulfilled - skip the process.
MigrationInterface::RESULT_STOPPED constant The process was stopped externally (e.g., via drush migrate-stop).
MigrationInterface::STATUS_DISABLED constant The migration has been disabled.
MigrationInterface::STATUS_IDLE constant The migration is currently not running.
MigrationInterface::STATUS_IMPORTING constant The migration is currently importing.
MigrationInterface::STATUS_ROLLING_BACK constant The migration is currently being rolled back.
MigrationInterface::STATUS_STOPPING constant The migration is being stopped.
PluginInspectionInterface::getPluginId public function Gets the plugin_id of the plugin instance. 2

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